Hosting a Successful Instagram Takeover

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Right off the bat, the term “Instagram Takeover” sounds exciting – like a tremendous conquest that leads to an enchanting discovery. However, unlike most conquests in history, Instagram Takeovers have proven to be mutually beneficial for all parties involved. This just might be the flavor you need to take your marketing to the next level. Intrigued? Read on!

What is an IG Takeover?

An IG Takeover is an online “event” in which an individual is granted access to a brand or organization’s IG account for a set period of time (typically a day). During the “takeover,” the selected individual is granted permission to post to your IG feed and story, and respond to comments/engage with followers (essentially everything you normally do on IG).

How is it beneficial for my business?

IG Takeovers are popular for the same reason we all looked forward to crossover episodes between popular television shows; it’s a breath of fresh air that adds novelty to your content calendar. When done correctly, a takeover can help put your brand in front of a new audience, which may result in new followers. At the very least, by announcing a takeover you are encouraging your audience to pay special attention to your account while it’s happening, which piques interest and boosts engagement


Who should I ask to “take over”?

If you’re a big company with a large following (and equally large pockets) you can ask just about any celebrity that aligns with your brand to take your account for a spin. However, it is much more common to ask influencers who love your product or mission to broadcast their endorsement loudly and proudly to their followers. Still feel like celebrities and influencers are a little out of reach? Look to your own team! My favorite type of IG Takeover is when brands ask their own employees to share a “day in the life,” offering an inside look into a company’s dynamic. Work for a university? Let a model student share their routine! Below you’ll find examples of two successful takeovers using an influencer and an employee. 


What guidelines should I set for the person taking over?

Like any successful campaign, it is important to identify your goal. What would a “win” look like for you and your guest? Examples of common goals include increasing brand awareness, promoting events or products, or boosting community engagement.

Next, be sure to clearly state the logistics. How long will the individual have access to the account? How would you like them to engage? Some takeovers only consist of a live IG video while others ask for a day’s worth of story content.  

Come up with a memorable custom #Hashtag. This will allow users to catch up on anything they may have missed and more easily share the content! #instagramtakeover and #takeovertuesday are popular, but I would challenge you to incorporate your brand name as well. 

Make sure to promote the takeover across all of your channels (not just Instagram) and announce the takeover via Instagram at least two or three times before the date of the event. Your guest should be promoting the takeover on their social channels as well for maximum exposure. To help with this, you can create a graphic for them to easily share with their audience! 

Decide if you are doing a “full account takeover” or a  “semi-account takeover.” You need to either allow the guest complete access to your IG account or ask that they send in content in advance for you to schedule/post to the account for them. 

And of course, stress the importance of having fun with the takeover! Assuming you have set clear guidelines and expectations, you can trust your guest to add a creative spin to your usual content. Be sure to track your metrics like story views, engagement stats, and follower growth so you can determine what worked well and what you can improve on next time. 

P.S. Keep your eyes peeled for updates from us… we’re rather fond of this “takeover” idea. 😉


Author: Celeste Russell, SMS

Hailing from Las Vegas, Nevada, Celeste began working with NISM as a summer intern in 2019. Since then she has found a real home in the community, earned her SMS certification, and currently works as the Social Media Coordinator for NISM and the Social Media Manager for OMCP. Celeste graduated from Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota with a B.A. in Acting & Communication for the Arts. Her passions have always included effective communication both on and off the stage and she is grateful that working remotely allows her the opportunity to pursue her acting career simultaneously. She currently lives in Los Angeles, CA with her wonderful husband and their three pets.

Feel free to connect with Celeste on LinkedIn.

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