Readiness Assessment Form

The NISM “Readiness Assessment” is a tool that you can use to better understand whether you are good candidate for the Social Media Strategist (SMS) certification exam. When you submit the form below you will get a response via email that will provide you with personalized recommendations based upon your responses.

*This information is kept private and will not be shared with anyone.

Education & Experience Assessment

What is your current level of education / work experience?

Including (but not limited to) social media strategic planning, marketing on social media platforms, creating content for social media campaigns, managing on online community, or analyzing social media campaign performance.

*Based upon the information you have provided so far, you do not meet our prerequisites and are not eligible to take the Social Media Strategist certification exam at this time.

You are eligible to attend our classes or to take advantage of our self-study bundles. These can be completed by anyone and are intended to both prepare you both to take the Social Media Strategist exam in the future, and for a career in social media.