7 Virtual Event Ideas to Promote Your Content

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The whole world is currently in the slow lane, trying to figure out how to live with the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic. Businesses from all over the world need to think of a new way to reach their audience, and they don’t have much choice. This is why digital marketing is getting even stronger this year. And, one of the best ways to promote your content is to host virtual events.

There are dozens of different virtual events you could host, depending on your industry and target audience. To help you make the best choice, we’ve put together a list of 7 virtual event ideas to promote your content.

Let’s take a closer look at each one.


1. Meet the Team

Whether you’re a local ice-cream shop with 5 employees or a large corporation with hundreds of people working for you, you could host an interesting “meet the team” virtual event.

People who appreciate your business will love to see who’s behind their favorite products or in charge of their enjoyable experience with your brand.

Choose someone interesting to present:

  • your head chef 
  • your designer team
  • your in-store staff
  • your PRs

Host an event where people could ask questions, chat, and receive valuable information about your business’ future plans. People can sign-up leaving their email address, which you can later use to send emails and continue your communication with them.

This type of event can help you promote your content, such as blog posts, e-books, or even new products.


2. Online Workshops & Webinars

During the pandemic, so many people decided to use their time wisely and learn something new. Luckily, this trend is still at its peak.

That’s why it could be a great idea to invite your target audience to a virtual workshop or webinar where they could learn from you.

source: 2020spaces

You’ll be promoting your expertise and showing your target audience how professional and trustworthy you are.

Here’s a couple of ideas for virtual workshops you could host:

  • self-appreciation workshop
  • culinary workshop
  • public speaking webinar
  • knitting
  • pottery workshop
  • language learning workshop

Choose an activity that your potential customers will find interesting. 

Make sure to create follow-up materials you’ll distribute after the workshop is over.  Use services such as Supreme Dissertations or Grab My Essay in case you need help with writing the materials. 

Also, invite the participants to document their success by taking photos or videos and posting them to social media.

This will be a great promotion for your business and get you the increased brand awareness that you need.


3. Live Q&A Session

If you want to actively engage your audience and create a virtual event they’ll appreciate for a long time, you could host a live Q&A session.

Here’s what you need:

  • an interesting speaker such as an expert from your niche or an influencer
  • an important/interesting/valuable topic
  • some online event promotion

Angela Baker, a digital marketer and editor at Trust My Paper says: “Give your target audience a chance to ask questions, learn, solve their problems, and get valuable information. They’ll appreciate you making an effort to make their lives a bit better.” 

Make sure to promote your other content related to the same topic, such as blog posts, tutorials, videos, or e-books.


4. Active Virtual Events

Another great idea you could apply is to host a virtual physical activity event. 

People are looking for creative ways to stay active during social distancing times and prefer doing so from the safety of their homes.

source: Eventbrite

So, if you’re an online store selling yoga equipment, why not host a live yoga session? You could talk about some of your products and promote your latest collection.

Here’s what else you could do:

  • a dance class
  • a cardio workout
  • a meditation session
  • pilates
  • a squat challenge

Choose something your audience would love and make sure to record the entire event. Later on, you can use those materials to show the best moments and promote your future events.


5. A Private Music Event

Music events are another thing most of us miss during the social distancing times. That’s why you should get an amazing response from your audience if you host a special music event for them.

Choose a musician, singer, or band that wants to be a part of your private music event. Limit the number of people who could join and ask them to sign up for it.

Giving and sharing with your potential customers is great for your business since you’ll make them feel appreciated and thankful.

Use this music event to increase your newsletter list and get more people on board with your business.


6. A Virtual Fundraiser

As a brand, it’s very important that you show you’re trying to do more than just sell your products or services. You need to walk the extra mile and show your concern for a greater cause.

Whether it’s saving the environment or helping the underprivileged, you should show your care by hosting a virtual fundraiser.

It could be something like:

  • an online gala
  • an online gaming tournament
  • an online picture contest
  • an online concert
  • etc.

Think of something that will get people on board and give them a chance to participate in your fundraising.

This way, you’d be promoting the noble mission of your brand and have the opportunity to share more content related to the same cause.


7. A Networking Session

Even though we’re supposed to keep the social distance, we still want to continue with our networking activities. People still have the need to meet their colleagues, potential partner, and even competitors.

Hosting a networking session would be great, and here’s why:

  • gathering people from your industry
  • sharing ideas, thoughts, and announcements
  • discussing important matters
  • staying updated and informed about your industry
  • meeting important people

source: meetup

As a host, you’d be able to talk about your business, promote it, and invite the participants to keep up with the other forms of content that you’re sharing regularly.


Final Thoughts

Hosting a virtual event is a great idea when you’re looking for new ways to promote your content and your business in general. They give you a chance to connect with the right people, share your ideas with them, and establish a solid communication.

Use the ideas and examples we’ve shared above to plan your next virtual event and promote your content the right way.


Author: Erica Sunarjo

Erica Sunarjo is a professional writer and editor with a Master’s degree in Marketing and Social Media. She writes thought-provoking articles for publications in a variety of media. She is a regular contributor writer at Supreme Dissertations. Even though she is an expert in numerous fields of business, Erica is always dedicated to learning new things. She actively visits conferences and takes online classes to keep her mind open to innovative ideas.



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