6 Social Video Marketing Trends to Consider in 2023

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As we move into the 21st century, video is becoming an increasingly popular way to consume information. Businesses that want to stay ahead of the curve must be aware of using video to connect with their audience.

In 2023, there will be several social video marketing trends that businesses should consider. These trends include VR, AR, live streaming, longer videos, and creative visuals. As technology develops, businesses will have even more opportunities to create engaging and innovative video content.


Why is Social Video Marketing Important?

Social media is one of the most powerful tools businesses can use to reach their target audiences in today’s digital world. And among the various social media platforms, video is one of the most effective forms of content.

Social video marketing allows businesses to tell their stories in an engaging and visually appealing way. It also allows businesses to connect with their audiences more personally.

Furthermore, social video marketing is a highly versatile tool that can be used for various purposes, such as promoting products and services, increasing brand awareness, or generating leads. In other words, social video marketing is an essential tool every business should utilize.


6 Social Video Marketing Trends to Consider in 2023

There are a variety of ways that businesses can use social video marketing in 2023. Here are some trends to keep an eye on:

1. Virtual Reality (VR) Will Create More Engaging and Immersive Videos

Virtual reality is an immersive experience that uses technology to create a simulated environment. Unlike traditional video, VR allows viewers to be transported into the scene, giving them a sense of being in the moment. This lifelike quality has made VR popular in gaming and entertainment.

In recent years, businesses have begun experimenting with VR for marketing purposes. Social media platforms like YouTube and Facebook have launched VR apps that allow businesses to create more engaging and immersive videos for social video marketing.

It is predicted that the popularity of VR will continue to grow in the business world, with more businesses using it to create video content in 2022. Thanks to its ability to transport viewers into another world, VR has the potential to revolutionize social video marketing and give businesses a new way to connect with their audience.


2. Augmented Reality (AR) Will Allow Viewers to Interact With Videos

It’s no secret that social media has changed how we consume content. In recent years, there has been a shift from traditional forms of marketing, such as television commercials and print ads, to more digital-focused platforms like YouTube and Instagram.

This trend is expected to continue in the coming years as more and more people turn to social media for news and entertainment. One rising star in the social video marketing world is Augmented Reality (AR). AR allows viewers to interact with videos in new and exciting ways, making it a powerful tool for marketers looking to engage with their audience.

While AR is still in its early stages, it is expected to become more prevalent in the next year or two as new applications are developed. For companies looking to stay ahead of the curve, investing in AR marketing now is a wise move.


3. More Businesses Will Use Live Video Streaming to Connect With Audiences in Real-Time

Social media has taken over the marketing world. To stay ahead of the curve, businesses need to be where their audiences are spending their time, and these days that means being active on social media.

Video is one of the most popular forms of content on social media, and live video streaming, as well as video conferencing, is a great way to connect with audiences in real time. Live video allows businesses to show a more personal side and create a connection with their audience. It also allows businesses to answer questions and address concerns in real time.

As a result, we expect to see more businesses using live video streaming to connect with their audiences in 2023.


4. Video Content Will Grow in Length

Video content is here to stay. The average person watches over 100 minutes of video daily, and that number only increases. People are increasingly turning to social media for their news and entertainment, and videos are a crucial part of that.

The average length of a Facebook video is now over four minutes, and people are watching more YouTube than ever before. This trend is only going to continue in the coming year.

Businesses will produce longer-form video content as people become more comfortable watching longer videos. This content can be used for social video marketing, product demonstrations, or educational purposes.

No matter what the purpose, it is clear that video content is here to stay, and businesses need to be prepared to produce longer-form content to meet the demand.


5. Videos Will Be More Creative and Visually Appealing

It’s no secret that videos are a powerful marketing tool. Many businesses say that video marketing is essential for their brand. However, with the continuous rise in social media usage, the competition for attention is only getting tougher. As a result, brands will need to get even more creative with their video content to stand out from the crowd.

We can expect to see more innovative and visually appealing videos in the coming years as brands strive to capture viewers’ attention and solidify their place in the market. From interactive videos to AR and VR experiences, there’s no telling what we’ll see next in social video marketing.


6. Drones and Other Filming Equipment Gives Marketers Access to New and Innovative Angles for Their Videos

As we move into 2023, marketers must stay ahead of the curve and be aware of the latest trends in video marketing. One trend to take off in a big way is using drones and other filming equipment to capture innovative new angles for videos.

Drones are becoming increasingly affordable and easy to use, making them an excellent option for marketers who want to add a wow factor to their videos.

In addition, other filming equipment such as GoPros and 360-degree cameras are also becoming more widely available, giving marketers even more options for creating unique and engaging videos.

As consumer demand for more creative and engaging content continues to grow, the use of drones and other filming equipment will become increasingly common, so marketers who are early adopters of this trend will be well-positioned to take advantage of it.



Video is only growing in popularity, so businesses need to understand how they can connect with their customers through this medium. Some of the current trends include Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, live streaming, longer videos, and creative visuals.

And as filming technology improves, businesses will have more opportunities to create captivating video content that stands out from the crowd.


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