College Seniors Guide to Social Media Branding

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Why is having personal branding on social media important for graduating seniors? After graduation, your student role transitions into a potential employee. As you job search, you want to manage impressions of your skills, abilities, and experiences on your social media platforms. 

Your brand becomes how your audience will recognize and relate to you. When defining your message, you will likely take inspiration from people in the industry or focus areas. You can have multiple audiences and use different platforms to reach them. 

Here are a few ways to build a brand on social media after graduation from college.

Choose a username.

First, define a clever @username on platforms like Twitter and Instagram. Then, of course, use your real name on LinkedIn. 


Import contacts.

Linkedin and Twitter allow for a free import of a certain number of contacts from your email or phone. When you do this, you will start your social media following with people you know who will follow you back. 


Find and join relevant groups.

Facebook and LinkedIn offer thousands of opportunities to join groups focused on specific industries or topics. Use the search bar on each network to find groups linked to your area of expertise. Then you’ll be able to share your insights and build authority around your brand. Once you’re a member of your preferred social media groups, don’t be afraid to jump into discussions and add your unique insights.


Get to know #hashtags.

They are helpful to make sure your content appears in searches and help followers to find you. Find relevant hashtags that connect to the industry you are pursuing or the focus area. Post regularly and consistently. You have to be active to grow your community and build a network. Find specific days to post that work for you. Don’t aim to overshare on social media. The sweet spot for posting is around 3-4 times a week. 


Study influencers in your area.

Connecting with and collaborating with influencers is a great way to get your brand known, but it does take some time. LinkedIn is a great place to find and engage with other experts in your industry. Once you’ve found the leading influencers in your industry or area, analyze their networks, content, and posting habits to determine what you could do better. Draw inspiration from how their followers respond to what they post, and learn best practices from their branding execution.


Author: Paulette Wilson 

Paulette Wilson is a Social Media Manager in Maryland. She has nearly a decade of experience creating strategic social media campaigns for news stations, nonprofit organizations, and higher education institutions.

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