Is Social Media Marketing Taking Over Traditional Marketing?

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Marketing continues to evolve and mold itself into changing shapes with technological advancements. Social media marketing is one of the fundamental marketing tactics today that help businesses foster deep relations with their target audience and create a lasting impact on the audience.

However, some people neglect to harness the power of digital marketing. They fail to use social media marketing correctly without realizing how their efforts can impact their business sales and increase their ROI.

Importance of Social Media Marketing

Social media is perhaps the most influential tool because it holds the power to influence how people make decisions. Thus, it is not only a good place for marketing your business but also helps communicate your business’s goals effectively.

Social media helps you reach the right users at the right time. It helps businesses convey their story and show their target audience that they care about them. Instead of selling your products, social media helps to nurture personal relationships with your target audience.

More interaction between you and the audience gives you more exposure and helps build a loyal customer base. Also, it is a cost-effective marketing tool with various benefits. The only thing you need for effective social media marketing is consistency and the right motivation.

How Many People Have Access to Social Media?

According to statistics, over 59% of the global population has access to social media platforms, which is a whopping 4.7 billion people. This figure continues to grow and is, therefore, a pivotal point that validates how impactful social media marketing is in the real world.  

Social Media Compared to Traditional Marketing Tactics

Marketing strategies need to have a clear goal. While social media marketing may be more impactful and reach a greater audience, traditional marketing still holds much value. Social media marketing is a blanket term that also encompasses the concept of digital marketing, i.e., to sell something online.

However, these marketing strategies combine to optimize your campaigns and promote your products or services. They help maximize your reach and garner potential clients. Social media marketing’s most significant advantage is that it can reach a global audience.

Traditional marketing still holds importance since some people do not have access to the internet. They get attracted to products or services when they see them physically in real life. Nevertheless, it cannot match the opportunities social media marketing provides businesses.

Comparing Both Mediums

Social media marketing may indeed provide an edge over traditional marketing, but both media have their pros and cons. Social media marketing proves to engage more followers, which ultimately leads to an increased ROI.


With many businesses fighting to get on top, costs have become a significant issue. You cannot expect to spread awareness about your products without proper marketing. All this becomes a nightmare for small businesses. However, with social media, businesses can now easily reach their audience through effective cost measures.

Easy to Analyze

Social media gives you the power to analyze your results and put in the effort where you need it the most. Traditional marketing takes months to give results. Moreover, there is no direct way to analyze how these traditional marketing tactics are definitive.

Increased Return on Investment

Businesses continually invest in getting something in return. When it comes to marketing, businesses always need to devise a plan to increase their return on investment. Hence, social media marketing is the perfect way to receive higher ROI from marketing campaigns and promotions.

Engagement Rate

Online advertisements are directed at a specific market, but businesses can also use them to target a more significant chunk of people. When it comes to establishing a name for your brand in the international market, it becomes more challenging than traditional marketing. Traditional media may be suitable for creating your brand identity in the local market, but higher exposure and an increased engagement rate are only possible through social media.

How Traditional Marketing Helps

Traditional marketing uses banners, signages, flyers, posters, and billboards. It is no surprise that digital marketing gives businesses an edge over their competitors and helps reach a wider audience, but traditional marketing has its merits.

Printing signs, PVC banners, and billboards for local brand awareness is a cost-effective tool. It may not be as cheap as social media tactics, but it gives effective results. Traditional signage also helps people remember your business.

The reach and engagement for signs depends on how the signs impact the target audience. It is also essential to place these signs appropriately so the relative audience can see them in suitable locations.


Summing up, social media marketing and traditional marketing need to go hand in hand. Social media helps you to build an online presence and reach a higher number of people at a global level. In comparison, traditional media gives the proper platform for businesses to exhibit their products and services in the local market and increase revenue.

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