Instagram: It’s as Simple as ABC

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Instagram is an incredible platform to get your brand out there. It allows companies to show their clientele the business from the inside. Instagram also allows your company to reinforce brand values, brand identity and voice. First of all, as a business you need to ask yourself, is my target market actively using Instagram? If the answer is no, the platform is simply not for your business. That is OK, there are plenty out there for you to utilize.

However, it can be a mind field of filters, likes and hashtags. That is why it is crucial that businesses are getting it right. So, how do you get it right? Well, it can be as simple as ABC. By following our ABC list, you will give your brand the exposure it deserves and also kick start your following while positively building the brand.


When choosing hashtags, customers to tag, imagery, pages to like and to follow ensure you are always being appropriate for your brand. Failing to do this can damage rapport with customers, decrease brand loyalty and harm the customers’ trust. Therefore, before kick starting your Instagram, mind map! You want every member of your team with access to your social media to all be on the same page. You want to reflect the brand at all times through everything you do, even every hashtag.


Whether you are posting your latest cup of coffee or the company’s new office plant remember everything you do is a reflection of the brand’s values and the business itself. Following on from your mind map, create structures for all users within your company to follow. Consistency is key with everything you do online.


Having consistent, real and engaging content is key to building your audience and getting your customers directly involved with your brand. However, it is really important that you get your content right. You want to be delivering content that opens the conversation with your customers whilst being informative of you and the services you provide.

These simple ABC’s are a great tool to apply to your Instagram journey. So? Get #started!


Author: Emily Butler
Senior Marketing Executive
@deliveredsocialUK – instagram


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