A Solid Strategy is What Takes Teams to the Super Bowl

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On Super Bowl Sunday the objective is clear. To score more points than the opponent and walk away with the trophy.

Just like a business owner wants more customers, a medical office wants to be able to serve more patients, education institutions want more students and non-profit organizations want more resources.

But how do we get there?

As I continue to serve brands in all the fore-mentioned scenarios, I am also learning how to use analogies to help stakeholders and decision makers understand the importance of a well thought-out social media strategy.

So, here’s one.

You don’t go to the big game unprepared.

Before kick off, you and your team must have gathered some data. You carefully reviewed the conditions of the playing field and you know your opponent and their strengths.

This is called research and analysis.

Super Bowl teams are aware of areas where they need the most improvement and are able to quantify their most costly mistakes. They must also be able also to capitalize on opportunities that their opponents didn’t see coming.

You need to know the rules and avoid penalty flags that will potentially ruin your season.

In the age of multi-channel advertising, automated tools, and hyper-sensitive media, it is important for a business owner to have someone on the sidelines paying close attention so that your advertising efforts are within compliance.

You don’t want “Sally” (or Sal) at the front desk managing your social media presence.

Teams that make it to the Super Bowl are not one-trick ponies. They know their strengths and have excellent communication.  They have multiple, well thought-out, measured plays. They are coachable and take time outs to regroup when the going gets tough.

The same goes for the marketing playing field.

Not every single piece of advertisement out there will yield an ROI. Sometimes you will lose yardage. But a social media strategist in your team will help you minimize those situations.

Super Bowl teams know that they don’t have all the time in the world to execute. But they also know that it’s not over until it’s over. Having the right balance to strive for short-term wins within a long-term strategy is going to be clutch.

Now, stop procrastinating, huddle up and have a Super Bowl season!

Author: Danny Monzon, SMS

DM Digital

Certified Social Media Strategist.

Bilingual Digital Marketing Consultant.

The creative and strategic thinker behind DM Digital, a digital marketing solutions agency working with local brands in the U.S and in Latin America.


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