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The opportunity to become a certified social media strategist through the National Institute for Social Media (NISM) is exciting on its own, but then being able to train for the certification in sunny Florida, especially during the winter months that are bitter cold in some areas, certainly makes the offer even more enticing.   Starting this year, NISM will be offering courses based in Florida in an effort to expand their educational presence nationwide, joining other recent markets such as El Paso, TX.  Currently, there are no NISM courses being taught live in Florida and the Social Media Strategist Certification Course is only being offered online, so in the coming year, NISM eagerly anticipates initiating classes in Jacksonville, Orlando, and Tampa markets, and possibly others to follow.

The goal with these upcoming courses is to offer a blended learning experience designed for professionals seeking the Social Media Strategist (SMS) certification in a single weekend, live intensive course option, coupled with a month of online training.  The course training consists of six major content domains of social media strategy:  Online community management, marketing and communications, compliance and governance, project management, research and analysis, and strategic planning.  NISM does not focus its curriculum on any platform-specific material; rather, the course content consists of tactical and strategic information, skills, and techniques designed to be applied within the dynamic social media landscape of today.  Given that many social media, social listening, and content management & analysis platforms have their own unique certification or certificate programs, NISM’s Social Media Strategist Certification is an exceptional way to acquire a vast, yet essential, knowledge base for executing best practices in strategic social media across any space where there is a desired or established social presence.

The benefits for professionals using social media within their job role achieving SMS certification are crucial.  Rapid digital innovation and the prevalence of technological determinism force a climate requiring ongoing professional development from those performing in technology-related roles.  As the expectations for social presence increase for brands, the need to have exceptionally trained individuals in command of your social media strategy is necessary.  This credential distinguishes these practitioners from others who may lack the comprehensive knowledge and in-depth experience of mastering the essential pillars of contemporary social media strategy, while simultaneously achieving successful outcomes continuously and bracing for upcoming growth in unchartered terrain online.  There is a polished difference among those who can say, “I am a certified Social Media Strategist (SMS) with the National Institute for Social Media” versus those who self-identify as strategists due to having influencer status or reach alone.

Learn more about the Social Media Strategist (SMS) certification preparation course here and express your interest in various Florida locations.  We look forward to seeing you and your team as a part of the credentialed professional network at NISM.

Author: Margaret Stewart

Margaret Stewart is a college professor, consultant, trainer, and certified social media strategist and NISM educator. She has a Ph.D. in Communications Media & Instruction Technology and teaches at the University of North Florida (UNF). As a consultant, she collaborates with organizations to generate social media solutions to effectively engage with target audiences, develop and respond to social listening, add value to campaigns, and empower team members through improved governance. She also conducts training seminars on strategic social media, student engagement & motivation, and communications skills through her consulting practice, Socially Inspired. She is a natural and determined leader who strives to be both inspired and inspiring.


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