Marketing & Communications – Assessment Based Certificate


This course was developed based on one of the six content domains of social media strategy. Social media professionals will develop skills that comprise the marketing and communications skills, including:

  • Segmenting and targeting ideal audiences
  • Creating content best suited to your community
  • Maximizing audience conversations and engagement
  • Determining what motivates people to respond on social media

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Do you often find yourself trying to determine what content would be the most effective, on what platform, at what time of the day? Let us help you dive in and segment your audience, create your communications plan, increase engagement and 2-way conversations.

Creating a solid foundation for a social strategy is one of the most important pieces of the work social media professionals do. Not only are you responsible for guiding the initiatives, but it’s your job to report on findings and educate your team and key stakeholders on the performance of short and long term business goals. It’s important to have a solid process in place for making this a success.

The Marketing and Communications Assessment Based Certificate Course is designed for social media professionals who want to expand their knowledge of content creation and communications strategies as relates to social media. Specifically, you will learn how to perform segmentation and targeting for any market, determine text length of individual posts depending on your needs, and find out what motivates people to respond to content on social media.

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This online, self-paced course can be completed in 4 hours and includes the following:

  • An electronic version of the NISM Marketing and Communications book
  • A lecture series comprised of learning modules, incorporating critical marketing techniques
  • Exercises and applied learning opportunities for each module
  • Additional resources for independent expanded learning opportunities
  • An exam to test knowledge and a certificate of completion at the end of the course


NISM-Certified SMS professionals can earn 5 CEU’s with the successful completion of this certificate.


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