NISM #Friday Digest

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  • 3 Essential Mobile Apps For Social Media Marketing
    Social media is time-consuming, complex and easy to get wrong. All too often, brands misunderstand the power of social and make predictable, costly mistakes: they under-utilize their social platforms, or they get themselves into hot water by over-stretching their reach. Over time, every brand needs some kind of third party management software for their social […]
  • What Can Facebook Graph Search Bring To Your Business?
    Local businesses are using Facebook Pages as the new website or as a new way to connect to consumers. In previous years, Facebook has offered business pages detailed analytics tools to measure demographic and numerical data to learn about their consumers with Page Insights. Now, not only can businesses learn about who their consumers are […]
  • NISM #Friday Digest
    How To Get Started With The Use Of Google Analytics Nowadays the online background is developing massively, creating over 1,000 different web pages per hour and generating revenues of billions of dollars. Those who already achieved business success through regular promotion channels (including direct marketing, ads and ad panels) are now interested in developing their […]


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