Why Your E-Commerce Website Needs a Pinterest Page

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The social media picture sharing site Pinterest is on the rise these days. It’s just hitting the point now where online businesses can make real strides by taking advantage of it. This is because it’s right at the sweet spot between still being new enough to get people’s interest, but not so new that anyone’s heard of it and not so old that people are turned off by it as has happened with previous sites like MySpace. Here are a few ways you can make use of Pinterest to grow your business in terms of visitors and ultimately, sales.

Make Use of the New ‘Sale’ Feature

Pinterest now has a feature that will tell you if any of your pinned products suddenly go on sale. This means that it’s now much easier for businesses to generate more interest on their products. It does mean that you have to have a certain level of penetration already in place in Pinterest in order for it to work, but if you have gone that far, then you can make use of the new feature with pretty spectacular results. If you can determine which products people have pinned a lot, then you can put these products on sale in order to get some buzz and social media sharing going. Experts often say that organic social media visitors are the best way to grow a business online.

Check What Works

Another good approach for growing your business through Pinterest is to just keep your eye open for what people are pinning. If you can see what they are pinning from your inventory, then you’ll get a good sense for where there’s some sort of interest in a product you put out.  You can then ask yourself the question about why they are posting it, but not buying it. If it’s just a matter of price, you may be able to drop the price slightly to increase sales. You also might be able to simply put the product on sale. This will alert everyone who has pinned the item, and it could generate extra traffic and interest all by itself, regardless of how well the product sells. This could also apply to checking what people are pinning in general even on other sites.

Blog Buttons

It can help to have “Pin it” buttons on any site that you use for promotion, such as a blog, as well. Trivial inconvenience is what kills marketing campaigns the fastest, and if people have a nice convenient button, you’ll hold their interest with your products longer, and given the new sales feature on Pinterest, you could even generate more later.

Get Help

Perhaps the best way to generate leads and traffic and increase sales is by getting help from experts like Webds, as one example in many. They’ll know best how to use Pinterest and other sites and techniques for getting your site on people’s radar and driving up sales due to all of their experience.

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