The National Institute for Social Media is proud to be the official sponsor of the ‘Why I Social’ Podcast

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We are very excited to announce the National Institute for Social Media (NISM) is the new official sponsor for the Why I Social podcast.  Why I Social is a bi-weekly podcast (released every other Tuesday) that highlights social media professionals “who get social media”.   Discussion often revolves around the guests’ professional journey and lessons learned along the way.

Earlier today, NISM’s CEO Jennifer Radke, SMS joined Chris Barrows on a Special Announcement cast to introduce this sponsorship. Take a listen here.

Why I Social is making an educational shift in 2018 to focus on meaningful conversations that allow other professionals to learn from those who have taken a different career path or grown into an area of social media that might be of interest.  This focus on education and elevating those professionals making social media successes happen each and every day for their companies or clients is a great match up for both parties. NISM hopes that this sponsorship will help bring additional resources and educational opportunities to both the NISM and Why I Social communities.

If you haven’t checked out Why I Social yet, do so today and let us know what you think! Episodes are available on the following platforms:


Google Play:




Fun Fact: Why I Social just released episode #152 but our very own Jennifer Radke, SMS was a guest on episode #79.


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