3 Must Have Tools for Remote Social Media Management

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There are so many marketing companies that are hiring remote social media managers – it’s almost frightening. Finally, everyone is jumping on the social media bandwagon. It might look easy to manage social media remotely but it’s not a simple job.

Remote social media managers need to get a feel for the brand that they represent, need to grow an engaged audience and need to produce quality content. All those things require organization.

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But what we are going to talk about in this post are the tools to help you focus and organize your social media efforts.

Let’s dive in:

  1. Schedule Content Analyze Data with Sendible

I’m sure you’ve heard of social media management platforms like Buffer and HootSuite and have used them in some capacity. Sendible is another such platform but it has some additional features that are incredibly powerful.

One incredible feature that Sendible has is the ability for cross-platform analysis where you can actually track your social media efforts using Google Analytics. In other words, it can tell you which social media campaign generated the most website visits and page views to your site.

So instead of just knowing the click-through rate, you know how much traffic each campaign produced.  

You can also use all the other features they have on there such as post scheduling, RSS integration, and the social Inbox where you can see all your interactions with people on every social media channel in one place.

So now that your posts are organized and your analytics are in order, how do you get your team ready?

Let’s take a deeper look.

  1. Organize Files and Teams with Nuvro

Nuvro is a project management software that helps you organize all your files, provides a way for the entire team to chat and discuss each project, and even has a calendar to help you organize all of your tasks.

The unique advantage with Nuvro is that it is a really good deal for all the variety of features that it has and it’s so simple to use.

You can set up your team with a simple calendar and tasks list within minutes. This way you know exactly who is doing which task, and when each part of the project is due.

Social media campaigns get very detailed very quickly, and you need a tool that you can use to brainstorm, discuss with your team, hold each person accountable and execute flawlessly. Nuvro helps you do all of that for the fraction of the cost of virtually every other tool out there.

  1. Connect Customer Service and Lead Generation with ManyChat

Customer service is a key part of any business but with social media, it gets even busier. Chances are that a variety of people interact with your business on social media – leads, customers, potential partners, you name it!

It’s hard to weed out the leads from the customers, right? The job of a social media manager is never done…

Enter ManyChat.

ManyChat is a Facebook Messenger chatbot platform that helps businesses get leads while responding to customer requests, all in one place!

For those that don’t know, marketers are using chatbots instead of email. So instead of creating lead magnets that capture emails, they use ones that send a chat message on Messenger to each lead. This way businesses can build a list of chat subscribers.

What’s the advantage?

According to the top marketer of all time, Neil Patel, chat lists are 5X more powerful than email. He has seen a whopping 88% open rate and a 56% click-through rate on his chat messages. That completely blows email out of the water.

The most popular tools on the platform are landing pages and chat popups that send out your content to the customer as a chat message.

Here is an example from Josh Fechter:

Recently, ManyChat introduced a new live chat feature where people can chat with you through Messenger directly on your site. It is equivalent to products like Intercom or Swift but it’s better because each person that chats with your business gets automatically saved into a chat subscription list and could then be targeted in the future.

Lead management and customer service all in one.

Mind blown.

This is what a chatbot sequence looks like by the way. It’s super personal, short and to the point. That’s why we are seeing the 5X more engagement than email and this is why it’s going to bring your lead generation efforts to the next level.


If you use these three tools it will help you make all of your processes more efficient. Again they are:

Sendible – translates your social media campaigns into page views and web visits
Nuvro – helps you organize your projects and teams

ManyChat – for sending out content and converting leads using Facebook Messenger

Do you have a tool missing from the list that you would like to recommend?

Let us know in the comments below.



Author: Ben Kazinik

Ben Kazinik is a marketing manager for ShareSomeFriends, a referral app and lead management platform. He enjoys hiking, cooking, soccer, and visiting his family around the world. Email me at – [email protected] or connect on my LinkedIn.

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