It’s All About Engagement: An Interview with YouTube Expert Derral Eves

YouTube’s gotten a lot of attention lately with PewDiePie’s separation form Google and Disney. It made us wonder: What advice do YouTube experts have for our social media strategists? We all know video is critical to the success of any social media campaign, and YouTube is the most well-known video platform. But we also know […]Read more

Twitter: A Powerful Tool

You can say a lot of things — positive and negative about Twitter. For example: Positive: It’s the go-to source, oftentimes, for information about breaking, developing, or in-progress news. Negative: Whereas once it seemed the “cool” thing opposite Facebook, now it’s been replaced by Snapchat, Instagram, and mobile messaging in that vein. Positive: If you […]Read more

7 Ways to Avoid Ruining Your Reputation by Reposting Fake Content

In the past few months – and especially the past few days – there has been a surplus of fake photos, articles and quotes flying around social media. The reason they have moved so quickly is largely because well-intentioned people with no desire to spread misinformation are falling for fake information. If you’re interested in […]Read more

Post and Ghost

What’s better than sitting around a campfire trying to scare the daylights out of your friends? Have you mastered the art of leaving people wondering what just happened? Good for you – unless you’re doing it to your followers on social media. Post and Ghost While working on the NISM Social Media Job Study, I […]Read more

Aligning Corporate And Marketing Goals For Success

Silos are fairly prevalent in many businesses — heck, Machiavelli predicted their existence way back in 1513 — and, unfortunately, ‘alignment’ is not as prevalent. Consider the chart below, from an article on Harvard Business Review entitled “Only 8 Percent Of Leaders Are Good At Both Strategy and Execution:” We’ve now arrived at a problem. […]Read more

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