Why You Need A Content Marketing Strategy for your Brand

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Without compelling content, it’s tough to get your business out there. Bill Gates coined the term “Content is King,” back in 1996 meaning that the whole point of content marketing is to increase visibility to attract your audience to your website as many times as possible. Without content, how will your audience even know your business exists?

So, what is content marketing? Content marketing is the creation of content with the intention of distributing it, to engage with highly targeted audiences, and attract new customers. You can use content marketing via your blog posts, Instagram content, Facebook videos and more.

One of the many struggles creatives face is being consistent with their content. You can have high-quality content, but as we know, if you’re not showing up consistently, people will forget about you. The more people see your content, the more they will build trust with your brand which will lead to them buying from you. That means showing up each day on your social media platforms + blog- providing value to your audience.

Whether it’s blog posts, social media content or video content, my content marketing strategy is a top priority for my business. But the most important part of content marketing is putting a strategic plan together. One of the mistakes I made early in business was creating TOO much content. Yes, there is such a thing of writing too much content. I used to do at most 12 posts per month and wasn’t creating valuable content. I decided to pull back and only write four blogs per month along with creating a solid social media content plan.

Since putting a strategic plan in place, my blog traffic has doubled, and my visibility has increased via Instagram and Facebook.

Wondering why I’m sharing this information with you? It’s because the results I’ve seen wouldn’t have happened had I not had a consistent strategy in place.

Still, need a bit of convincing?

Here is what having the perfect content marketing strategy will do for you!

  • Increase visibility.
  • Encourage blog shares by people in your industry
  • Build trust.
  • Generate results such as, new customers, or clients, or whatever your end goal is!

Wondering how people put a content strategy together? Here are some examples of some of The Social Butterfly Gal’s client content marketing strategies:

Cafe Con Ellas

The ladies of Cafe Con Ellas use their content strategy to promote local businesses + events to their bilingual audiences.

They use Facebook + Instagram to highlight their video content and use multiple calls to action to get their audience to jump to their website + YouTube Channel for the full video clip.

Surprise Gift Co.

Who doesn’t love coming home to a package of goodies on their front step? During the month of April, Surprise Gift Co. hosted “Live at 8:45” a weekly FB Live Giveaway event! This strategy was meant to increase visibility on various social media platforms. Within the month, they doubled their live audience and had multiple people entering the giveaways.

Adeina of Crafting with Adeina

Her content strategy is a bit of traditional media and non-traditional media. She uses television segments to promote her sponsored content as well as uses her social media platforms.


Author: Christina Ochoa

About The Social Butterfly Gal: I’m Christina, an event + social media strategist helping creatives get visible and create a buzz with powerful digital strategies. I’m also creator of The Swarm Society! In between the sips of coffee, social media notifications and writing, you will find me living up to my brand name-being a social butterfly; attending various networking and local events around San Antonio, TX. You can follow my adventures on Facebook,Twitter, and Instagram



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