Stay Green in 2018!

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I patiently waited as the pear sitting on my kitchen counter turned the perfect shade of yellow. As I cut into it, my excitement turned to disgust as the inside was brown and mushy.

Ray Kroc, owner of McDonald’s, once said “When you’re green, you’re growing. When your ripe, you rot.

It is easy to see yourself growing when you are in college, in your early jobs, or starting a new career. Then most people get to a point where they become automated. We become proficient in our career that the only learning we do centers around new programs initiated by our employer. Like the pear, we changed from green to the perfect shade of yellow but begin to rot on the inside.

Goal for 2018 

New year. New opportunities to grow. My goal for 2018 is to continue to learn (grow and not rot).

I’ve always been intrigued with CliftonStrengths (a.k.a. StrengthsFinder). By understanding your strengths, people can excel in their career by focusing on what comes naturally to them. Learning about these strengths will help me as I work with college students on their LinkedIn profiles.

There are 34 CliftonStrengths. If I start in January by scheduling 90 minutes each week to learn more about a strength, I’ll get through them all by mid-August. I will keep to this goal by creating a weekly appointment on my calendar for this research.

What has peaked your curiosity this past year? Is there a certification, software program, or hobby you have thought about but never took steps to learn more? Now’s the time!

What’s your prediction for social media next year?

More employers are seeing the value in employee social media engagement. As LinkedIn is the leading professional business platform, I predict companies will start viewing and using LinkedIn in new ways.

Human Resource Departments will assist their employees in building stellar LinkedIn profiles. Employees are the face of the business and project the company’s brand.

  1. Today people research companies and their products before buying. Stellar employee profiles provide added confidence and trust for customers.
  2. It expresses to employees that their employer is invested in their professional growth. Receiving this value affirmation from the company can help in employee retention.

Marketing departments will create LinkedIn engagement campaigns.

  1. Employees expand the company’s reach. Helping them build their LinkedIn network will mean more people will hear about the company.
  2. Companies who boast about their employees on LinkedIn attract top talent. Who doesn’t want to work for a company who recognizes the great work of their employees?

I learn from others. What changes would you like to see with LinkedIn in 2018? Share your thoughts below.


Author: Laura Brandt, SMS

Laura Brandt is a LinkedIn Strategist who uses her CliftonStrengths (Developer, Analytical, and Connectedness) to help people and nonprofits develop a networking community on LinkedIn to advance their career or mission. Everyone has their own unique story to tell – their own strengths, experiences, and value they bring to their career. After working years in higher education alumni relations and fundraising, Laura is shifting her focus to help college students create a professional online presence through LinkedIn. You are invited to follow or connect with her at



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