Valuable Social Media Tips for the PR Team

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Having synergy with your PR team can maximize campaign success. In addition, social media channels can assist with public relations outreach. 

Facebook: Use Facebook Live to create a monthly discussion series to showcase your brand’s influencers. Create Facebook groups to start conversations and find influencers. Take advantage of social advertising by always collecting email addresses from event attendees. This information is useful in Facebook advertising for a future retargeting campaign. 

Twitter: Compose a quick message about a new promotion to make brand content searchable. Use hashtags to reach new people and track what others are saying about your brand. Hashtag campaigns can help PR team members understand how the campaign is performing intended audiences. Team members on the public relations team can direct messages (DM) and tweet messages to local news outlets about your brand’s experts. By interacting with journalists and news outlets on social media, they extend their professional relationships beyond the press release pitch. 

Linkedin: Post your internal stories and external stories about experts as a form of blogging. Learn more about your industry by following competitors. Public relations team members can network with media contacts and generate leads for future stories and campaigns. 

Instagram/Snapchat: These platforms are a great way to share visuals to increase awareness about your brand story. Both of these platforms are great for promoting events (before, during, and after) to keep your audience engaged. Share your brand achievements, such as winning a national award. Showcase your brand, such as showcasing new employees. Collaborate with Influencers for takeovers to reach target audiences. Create a filter or geo-filter for a special occasion.  

Youtube: Use this platform to extend the reach of PR messaging interactively. Create event recap videos, testimonials videos, and product announcement videos. Collaborate with influencers on outreach for campaigns. 


Author: Paulette Wilson 

Paulette Wilson is a social media professional in the Mid-Atlantic. She loves all things education, fundraising and arts. She has created social media campaigns for Sinclair Broadcast Group, University of Baltimore, Kennedy Krieger Institute, and the University of Maryland, Baltimore. 

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