Social Media Popularity Contest: CEO Version [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Most of us think of Twitter as a place to connect with friends and perhaps follow celebrities that we admire. We don’t take it very seriously, and we might let our account go dormant for days or weeks. But for big business, and for some of those very celebrities that we enjoy following, Twitter is a very big deal indeed. So are other forms of social media, and that’s where Klout scores come in.

Klout measures the amount of influence a person has in the world of social media. It looks at various social media profiles and calculates its scores not just by means of how many friends or followers a person has or how much posting someone does but on how many conversations one creates, what kinds of interactions one has and how generally engaged a person is with others. Barack Obama has the highest Klout score of all at 99. How do others stack up against the most powerful man on the planet?

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