Social Media Marketing Tips For Small Businesses

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Marketing has changed in recent years to encompass new marketing platforms in accordance with technology changes. One of the more recent technology changes that have been impacting has been the growth of social media. Social media provides unique opportunities for small businesses to reach existing and potential businesses in ways that can drive revenue growth and brand recognition. This article will provide some basic tips that can be used to market using social media.

What is Social Media?

Social media includes websites that are designed as platforms where customers can interact directly with other users of the website as well as with the website creator and sponsor. Social media websites allow users to create individual pages on the website that allow for them to express themselves to third parties who access their website page. Social media provides small businesses with the ability to market themselves to potential and existing customers and also to provide customers with information regarding new product releases, promotions or discounts offered by the small business, and the ability to discuss the business in a positive or negative way. A small business can also receive feedback from customers which can allow them to improve their product offerings to customers.

Benefits from Social Media Marketing by Small Businesses

Small businesses gain some unique opportunities when using social media to market. By being able to communicate directly with customers they can push out discounts directly to those customers who care most about their products and improve on the loyalty of those customers. In addition, by maintaining an online persona that resonates with their customers, a small business can develop a more passionate following as a result which can drive a rabid customer base. Once a customer base is loyal they are more inclined to spread news of your business through word of mouth which can generate further sales.

Tips for Social Media Use for Small Businesses

When a small business chooses to engage in social media the first step should understand their customer base so that they are able to communicate effectively with them. Understand the social mores and interests of your customers as well as what they consider when they purchase products that your company is offering. If your customers are very cost conscious, issuing coupons and other discounts on the social media base will attract more customers. If, instead, they are more interested in being part of a community online then regular blog updates and responses to customer comments and friendly interactions are more likely to achieve additional attention. Linking to other websites that provide information on the product may ingrain you in the community and allow you to gain reciprocal links from those websites.


Social media is growing in importance for users and websites. Utilizing social media as a form of marketing is beneficial as it provides a cheap way to build up your brand image and to develop your business. Start by understanding your customer base and communicating with them in ways that they understand and based upon the values that they hold dear. Become involved in the community in order to generate additional loyalty which will eventually filter into higher sales.

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    Yes, we have to do market research first to analyze and understand our target audience. This is so that we can provide the right products and solutions to them. There is a saying, that we “don’t find customers for your products, find products for your customers”.

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    With so many people on social media these days, I can see this being a great place to advertise for a small business. I like your point about offering discounts online. This sounds like a great way to attract a following online.

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