Social Media Means Big Business [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Social media is the rage in this modern era. People would rather connect on a mobile device than in person. As far as having a real conversation on a phone, that is fast becoming a thing of the past. Kids don’t go out and play. They hook up online. It’s no surprise that the business world is trying to dip their thumbs in to get a piece of the pie. Companies are posting their ads on sites like twitter and facebook, hoping to get a bite, snagging ‘likes,’ and figuring out the demographics of the public. It’s all calculated and driven by the desire to make money. While social media platforms as a whole do not cost anything for users, the companies behind the platforms are getting big returns for allowing businesses to do their advertising. The sky’s the limit!

The Social Media Examiner highlights the many ways that businesses use facebook apps, the latest craze. When a business makes itself easily accessible with facebook, it means convenience for their customers. Consumers are up to date, they have an easy means of communication, they can make appointments, get customer service, find out about special promotions, earn rewards, and provide valuable feedback to the company. It’s all about making it easier for the customer to interact with a business and have a satisfying experience along the way.

Social media allows businesses to make a big splash. Whether they’re small, Mom and Pop shops or major corporations, when they use a platform like facebook, they can reach a large population, rather than rely on someone picking up the yellow pages of the phone book. The best part about social media platforms is the fact that they are more affordable than conventional advertising methods. It’s really a no-brainer for businesses of any variety and size. If there is a way to reach as many as a billion users, might as well make good use of it. When customers make a purchase or pay a visit on facebook, they are likely to head to the website next in order to explore what a business has to offer. Social media is opening doors at the click of a button. Customers don’t even have to come to a physical location. They only need a mobile device.

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Social Media Means Big Business


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  1. Jennifer

    Thanks for sharing! I am new to social media for my business, and am on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Pinterest. I chose not to use Twitter, which may yet work in my favor. Glad to see that this may not be foolhardy, based on the numbers.

    • Eric Mills

      Glad to see you’re focused in on numbers, Jennifer! One important thing a lot of social media pro’s miss is not putting enough emphasis on statistics and data. You need to understand what works first, then measure your own efforts.

  2. A. Jenkins

    Interesting article but what contents should actually go on these sites as space is limited. I’m on Face Book all the time with information on my tours but the business it has generated has been very little.

    Your suggestions would be appriciated.


    • Eric Mills

      Hi AJ, there are many potential answers to your question. Often, the first place to look for why you aren’t getting the results you are looking for is your strategy. Have you set a goal for yourself, and are you being consistent in your effort to achieve your goal? After that, creating online content for content marketing via social platforms is also important, but can be a challenge if you don’t know where to begin. In addition, knowing when, where and how to participate in the social media communities that you build will be a major factor as to whether or not you are successful. We always suggest getting into a well-rounded training experience if you are not seeing results.

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