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Instagram serves more than 1 billion users –– in this ocean of massive audiences posting diverse content every second, how do you stand out? This question triggers a lot of bloggers, influencers, and of course social media marketers. The answer is pretty simple, Instagram SEO. Not only for search engines like Google, but SEO has also become an important part of social media platforms like Instagram. 

Instagram SEO is the optimization of your social media content to get a better ranking on the search results pages. Your profile’s content should appear in the list when someone searches the relevant keyword. Social media searching was limited to hashtags but in 2020 the head of Instagram announced a new feature where people can search using different keywords related to their interests. 

Instagram SEO then displays all the results containing the keyword. For example, if you search digital marketing on Instagram’s search box, you will see a hashtag, and other accounts related to the keyword. SEO works for Google, so it’s time to understand the key elements of Instagram. You can optimize your profile and content to improve your visibility and discoverability. 

If your profile has relevant keywords and hashtags, the Instagram algorithm will check them and rank you in the feed and search options. It is important to add niche-specific hashtags in the captions to make them more searchable. Instagram checks whether the username, bio, captions, hashtags, and location match the searched keyword or not. It also considers the individual activity of accounts, posts, and hashtags. Moreover, it will check the popularity of content based on likes, comments, saves, etc. to decide which account to rank first. 

Let’s get right into it. 


Tips to make your IG SEO-friendly 

No thumb rule ensures better ranking but with the help of some tips and factors, you can surely make your presence visible on this platform. Here are some tricks that can help you get better visibility for your profile. 

 1. Use the right search text 

First figure out the end goal, research extensively about your niche and draft a collection of keywords. Understand your audience and what they search for more. Learn about their choices and decide the terms over which you wish to rank. 


 2. Embed on website

Use social media aggregator platforms like Taggbox to add Instagram feeds on websites without any coding required. This will improve your website’s vibrancy, and dwell time, and reduce bounce rates, for eCommerce it can significantly reduce cart abandonment, and improve conversion rates in no time. 

With the customization, moderation, and analytics features, you get to choose from various fast and responsive themes, add a CTA button, eliminate any inappropriate and irrelevant content, get UGC rights to ethically repurpose your audience’s content, and monitor users’ behavior with the widget respectively for maximum results. 


3. Monitor audience activity 

This factor involves hashtags and accounts that the user has recently interacted with. This way you get to know what your audience likes and is looking for. Engage with the audience, and use the target keywords rightly. Ensure that you do not overstuff the keywords. 

4. Check the popularity of the content 

Conduct proper research on the type of content on Instagram. It rapidly grows, you can go with reels and video content about the trending topics around your niche. You need to get more clicks, shares, likes and saves to get better ranks. 

5. Include relevant hashtags 

You won’t be able to rank without hashtags. Experiment, use the trial and error method, and play around with hashtags to find the correct ones. Organize and sort the keywords for different posts and purposes. Using a hashtag manager tool is required. 

6. Keep your content to-the-point

Posting great content that drives engagement is what Instagram is all about. With the massive competition, you need to get unique ideas and garner the users’ attention. Reconsider your end goals and tailor your content accordingly. 

7. Add the right keywords to your bio

Add the correct keywords in your description and bio to help your audience understand the brand with a quick introduction. This way you reach the right audience and make yourself available to everyone searching for similar keywords. 

8. Create reels with trending audio

Creating reels with trending audio help you get viral faster. Stay updated and learn which type of content is performing. Create reels as per the demand, add the correct music, use the right hashtag, and eventually get the required results. 

9. Stay consistent and post at the right time 

Decide the end goals and KPIs first. Understand Instagram analytics before you start with the tiring and time-consuming process of becoming popular. Track and monitor your performance, garner engagement with attractive content, stick to your niche, post regularly, and maintain consistency. 



Focussing on Instagram SEO can help you gather rewards of increased visibility, maximum reach, and better ranking in no time. With just the right amount of tweaks and improvements, you can use Instagram to its full potential. With these tips, you can grow a robust and large community and build trust among your followers. 


Author: Deepanshi Jain

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