Five Original Ways to Get More People Sharing Your Content

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A cherished dream of every content creator is getting the article viewed by as many people as possible. One of the ways to reach a larger audience is by sharing the content.

Before creating and publishing any article, it is crucial to thoroughly analyze the subject, investigate the topic, and define the target audience. Besides that, understanding and evaluating the potential of the upcoming piece of content is equally important. As mentioned above, sharing is one of the methods to spread information across the web. In order to make the content shareable and attractive, the reasons for people to distribute it should be delineated.

Why would businesses want their content to be shared?

The secret is simple – the power is concealed in the information. We live in the era of online businesses. It is safe to say that most companies, including small enterprises and even individual entrepreneurs, have their business’s online presence at least on one of the social media platforms.

Any company with social media accounts proves to be more trustworthy than the one with all the operations exclusively offline. Posting articles and some announcements on the corporate website, Facebook, LinkedIn, or any other platform brings many benefits, such as strengthening brand awareness and the chance to get the content shared.

What are the common reasons indicating why people are sharing content?

Besides that, the content should be easy to read regardless of the industry the business operates in. No one would like to read content that is overwhelmed with complicated terms and unknown words unless it is a scientific article.

People are always glad to share something entertaining and positive. Many users often share articles that either reflect their interests or drive inspiration. Also, informative content with new facts is likely to be shared as it creates value.

Companies would want to share the content which correlates with their values. Also, many businesses share each other’s articles and posts for the sake of building communities.

How can you get people to share your content?

There are different ways to engage individuals and businesses with your content and make them want to share it. Depending on your specific business operations, some ways might be super efficacious for you, while others would not bring as much of the expected effect.

Be super creative

It is not that easy to stand out from the crowd these days because many companies take content development seriously and put a lot of effort into it. However, there is always a lot of space for creativity.

Define your business goals and values in the particular niche your operations are focused on. Observe what content your competitors create and how they are engaging their customers. Develop your unique style that will appeal to your target audience.

No doubt that creative talent is vital, but along with that, the article should bring value to your customers. Thus, ask yourself whether other users would want to bookmark it or better share it with their followers.

Make the content juicy

Despite solid text and wording, the content should look juicy. What does that mean? That is not only about the visual elements such as images or videos, but the structure and font used. When you choose the font like the one in the scientific books you were reading endlessly during university times, it is unlikely to seem appealing. Of course, fancy fonts may sometimes be inappropriate, especially when it concerns serious business or social topics. Anyway, the text should be comfortable and easy to read.

As for the videos and graphics supplementing the words, they should certainly be present. Images always help summarize and illustrate the subject you are talking about by creating the quintessence of your ideas. The rule “the more, the better” might not be applicable when it concerns visuals, but the number of images or videos added should be reasonable.

Responsive design

According to the report by StatCounter on the utilization of desktop and mobile devices, the latter is gaining momentum with each coming year. In 2020, more than 52% of people were using their smartphones much more often than desktop computers. Thus, the platforms where your content is posted should be “mobile-friendly.” In other words, they should implement the responsive design, owing to which the content and visual elements would be displayed correctly on any device with any screen resolution.

Building relationships

One of the “old but gold” ways of sharing content is through cooperation with other individuals and businesses by building strong relationships. In the future, these connections might grow into huge networks and communities.

Asking others to share your content should also come along with the benefits that your content might bring them. For instance, online shops would be glad to share the content of logistics companies. Thus, both parties will benefit from that cooperation.

Paid partnerships

In case you would like to bring your business relationships to the next level, an affiliate program might be a good choice for you. An affiliate program is based on the agreement according to which one business pays another business a commission for sales made through their own platforms.

For instance, some photographers who have popular YouTube channels with lots of subscribers become affiliates collaborating with photo-editing software development companies. They promote photo-editing software in their videos or with the help of web content by sharing their so-called affiliate link from which the clicks can be tracked. Thus, once users follow that link and purchase a product from the software editing company, an affiliate gets a commission, depending on the agreement’s conditions.

Another paid way to share your content is to refer to a guest posting service. Post your article for your business boost with a professional guest posting service. If you want to get your corporate website to the top results in a search engine, an automated submission article approach is exactly what you need.


There are multiple ways to share content across the internet via various platforms. People might want to share your content when it correlates with their interests and seems engaging and informative. Never be afraid to ask others to share your web content or videos on social media platforms, but always remember to emphasize what benefits it might bring to them. In some instances, content sharing might be based on the monetized business relationships based on the agreement encompassing all the statements of the cooperation.


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