Companies Maximizing Social Media [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Social media is more than just LOLCats and posts about political cartoons. It’s more than who’s having a baby and who just got new shoes. It’s not just pictures of family and pets. It’s a vital tool for business to promote and grow their brands by engaging directly with their customers.

It’s not just small firms that are learning the importance of social media to boost the bottom line. In fact, across a wide number of sectors, the firms using social media the most effectively are often industry leaders.

Unilever is a manufacturing company with lots of different products, such as Dove body wash and Axe body spray. Unilever has turned social media in a gathering place for fans of specific products. Here, Unilever is able to reach their target demographic with sales, special offers, new products, and get their feedback on ad campaigns before they launch nationally.

Coca-Cola is often rated as one of the most successful brands on Earth. It’s logo is known to 94 percent of the world. It’s the largest beverage company on the planet. It has created some of the most memorable ad campaigns in history. It is also one the largest companies using social media. Coca-Cola uses social media to find out what customers are looking for in a beverage. In return, they offer free samples, new products before launch, and hold contests offering free products and gifts.

No one could accuse the Walt Disney Company of being an unknown entity. The House of Mouse, as it is called, is one of the largest media companies in history. It is also one of the best at marketing their products, their characters, and their brand. Their use of social media such as Facebook and Twitter is just another tool in their kit for connecting with customers. For the company who brought us the happiest place on Earth, social media is paying off.

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Companies Maximizing Social Media [ INFOGRAPHIC ]



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