8 Keys To Turning Twitter Into A Great Sales Tool

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Most people think of Twitter as a tool to socialize and connect with others all over the world. However, a growing number of businesses realize the great potential Twitter has as a sales tool. Follow these 8 powerful tips to properly utilize Twitter to boost sales. 

1: Complete your profile and Twitter page 

The first thing any sales company or rep should do on Twitter is complete their profile and customize their account. Accounts that still have an egg for the profile picture scream carelessness and neglect. Use the profile section as a 30 second elevator pitch.

Creating a custom background that contains the company phone number, website, and other contact information is a great way to display the information that isn’t in the profile. The only information Twitter displays on user pages is the website and location. Use the background image to make other crucial information easy to find. 

2: Find prospects and leads with search filters

People are very quick to express their gripes, needs, and concerns on Twitter. If someone has a problem, they tweet about it. There are tools available to help search for tweets containing certain keywords in real time. One of the most popular tools for this is Hoot Suite. When used in conjunction with a CRM management tool, social media management becomes much easier.

For instance, a jewelry store might set up a search stream that pulls up all tweets containing the phrase “need jewelry”. If someone tweets “I really need jewelry for my anniversary”, the jewelry store potentially has a new lead. 

3: Follow industry leaders

Staying up to date on industry news and events is extremely important in sales. Sales reps that are “in the know” have a leg up on the competition because they are aware of the current trends of the industry. By following reporters, news sites, and other related users in your field, you are able to get the news first. 

4: Tweet helpful information regularly

One of the biggest mistakes sales reps make on Twitter is using it as an advertising platform. People on Twitter do not want to be sold to. Twitter is used to get news, be entertained, and to connect with others. In order to gain recognition from future clients, reps should tweet links to free resources, helpful tips, and company news. Twitter guru Jeremiah Owyang is one of the best examples of how tweeting helpful information translates to increased exposure and building trust. 

If a tweet contains an informative link, is entertaining, or creates conversation, there is a much higher chance of the tweet being retweeted and replied to. A great tip for sales reps looking to find possible prospects on Twitter is to tweet out questions. For example, a clothing store might tweet, “heels or flats this summer?” 

5: Utilize Hashtags

Hashtags can be great for finding like-minded people who have similar interests. Hashtags are meant to be shared. By finding industry related hashtags, reps are able to access large groups of people with the same needs. Hashtags can also be used by sales reps in order to entice others to retweet or to gain followers. If the hashtag starts trending, it can be a huge PR boost for the company. 

6: Be personal 

Even the most affluent and professional companies on Twitter realize the importance of being personable. It is possible to be less formal and still maintain a certain level of professionalism. Tweeting technical jargon and speaking generically gives the impression that a robot is handling the Twitter account. 

Twitter has a fun atmosphere and people like the ability to interact casually. With sales, people buy into the salesperson before they buy the product or service. Twitter allows people to see a bit of the salesperson’s personality. 

7: Offer discounts through tweets 

Tweeting special coupon codes or deals is a great way to build your twitter account and drive customers to the company website. For b2b sales, making a tweet stating “Are you a small business in CA? We have something special for you!” will draw interest from small business customers. For b2c sales, simply tweeting “use code #COMPANY and save 25%!” will get users to visit your site. 

8: Capitalize on the public nature of Twitter 

When a tweet is sent to a user using the “@” symbol, all of the user’s followers will be able to see that tweet. If the user’s followers see the tweet sent to them, they will naturally be interested in the free resource as well and this can create a chain reaction.

Kfir Bar-Levav started out as a sales rep in 1995 and since then has acquired extensive entrepreneurship skills and sales experience as a result of working in the field and managing the sales teams of leading international fashion and luxury brands. Kfir founded WRNTY Ltd. in 2006 and today serves as VP of Business Development.


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