How Auto Dealers Should Use Google+

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Auto dealers should attempt to market their business online as much as possible. With so many consumers turning to the Internet in order to find local businesses these days, auto dealers can take advantage of this fact by increasing their online presence. One of the more effective ways an auto dealership can increase its online presence is to sign up for social media websites such as Google+. Creating a Google+ account will enable an auto dealership to connect with its target audience in a new, interesting way to help bring in new potential customers.

Local Search Results

One way that auto dealers should be using Google+ to help improve their business is to improve their presence in the local search results. A big factor in whether or not consumers can locate your company online is if your business appears in the local search results. By completing filling out a Google+ account, the search engine will have vital information about your business, enabling it to serve up your address in the local search results. When your auto dealership does appear in these results, consumers will be able to quickly see where your business is located, when you are open and reviews left by other consumers who have had experience dealing with your sales staff. This makes it easy for someone searching for an auto dealer online to determine which dealership he will visit first when searching for a new car.

Utilize AuthorRank

Another way auto dealers should be leveraging Google+ into an increased online presence is through the social media website’s AuthorRank mark up. By adding this markup to each piece of content you create that is posted to the Internet, you will be able to claim ownership of that content and be given credit for all of the excellent content you produce. When you create enough high quality content in your industry, you will start to be viewed as a trusted source and authority figure, increasing the effectiveness of your online marketing efforts.

Separate Yourself from the Competition

An important aspect of running a successful online marketing campaign is being able to separate yourself from the competition. Since Google+ is still a relatively new social media website, you may hav the opportunity to be the first auto dealer in your area to have this type of social media page for your business. By being the first in your market to create this type of social profile, you will gain an edge over your competition and will be able to get your business in front of other consumers a lot easier than other auto dealerships in your town.

Improve SEO

Google+ should also be used to improve your dealership website’s search engine ranking. Google is starting to place more of an emphasis on social signals when determining where a website should appear in the search results. By increasing your presence and authority on various social media websites, especially Google’s own social media website, will help your website move up the rankings as more people start to interact with your website, social media profile and their own social media accounts.

By gaining credibility within the world of Google+, your auto dealership website’s search engine rankings will benefit as Google will view your website and content as authoritative within your local auto market.

Using every resource possible to market your auto dealership online is a great way to improve your business’s online presence. Google+ is an emerging social media website that needs to be leveraged by every local business.

By creating and maintaining a Google+ account, your auto dealership will benefit in many ways, including increasing your online presence.

Sebastian Webb writes for Proctor Subaru as a professional marketer.


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