5 Digital Marketing Trends to Target Gen Z

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Also referred to the iGeneration, this generation covers anyone born between 1995 to the mid-2000s. Ideally, this lot was born during the age of the internet. This particular customer base has completely changed or rather disrupted the way we market. This generation is one that has an attention span of about 8 seconds therefore selling your idea to them can be quite challenging. Nevertheless, it is one of the most active consumer forces in the market today, and therefore getting hold of them is of great importance. The following digital marketing trends 2020 can be used to target Generation Z.


It is obvious that this demographic is a captive audience on YouTube, they use the platform for various reasons ranging from expanding their knowledge, gaining new skills, and also for entertainment. This is therefore a perfect place to hook them in provided you do it right. And YouTube should not be the only platform; basically any social media platform offering video content is a great place to target this particular lot.


These are individuals whose authority has given them the power to affect the purchase decisions of others. They are usually very active in various social media platforms like Instagram and have a massive following. Influencers actually drive more engagement because our target audience can relate to them and look up to them as their role models.

Engage with customers

Engaging with your customer is a crucial marketing trend but when targeting the generation z, it then becomes absolutely necessary. As a matter of fact, a huge number of generation z would prefer and choose a brand that is responsive to their concerns than one ignoring them. According to various research on popular trends, these market group reads a few product reviews before deciding on making a purchase.

For serious companies, obtaining the reviews should not be a means to an end. There is a need to respond, and in so doing, building a healthy and lasting relationship with your customers. All your responses must be unique and tailored to specific customers. Always try and avoid a one size fits all kind of replies. Understand what your customers want, and help them get what they seek in a convenient and efficient way.

In the digital world, twitter remains the top place where customers launch their complaints. You can create a different account so that your customers can easily get in touch with your team, without ruining your business’s official account.

Appeal to instant gratification

In this digital era, everything is available almost immediately and this group of customers loves this. Today, we don’t have to leave our homes to go shopping, watch a movie or talk to friends and loved ones. Everything has been transformed and can be done on a click of a button. In previous years, communication between business and their customers was not so simple. With the introduction of electronic mails, private messaging, and social media platforms, there is an absolute need to maintain communication with customers so as trust can be built.

When your company becomes reliable, it is easy to be trusted and hence growth becomes inevitable.

Be authentic

Customers want to be associated with companies that they have trust in. Marketing used to be about what is said about a product. If a company invested greatly in online advertising, this would easily push up their sales. However, things have changed. People today are more concerned about the authenticity of your products, rather than the catchy phrases used in advertisements.

Connect more with your customers by aligning with their values. You could build a cause that you believe in, such as giving back to the community through various charity events, and they would surely be inclined to support and purchase your products.

This demographic has widely been described as been lazy and selfish, unsatisfied, not focused, and comprises young adults entering the commercial world with little security and value than all other generations. However, this might not be entirely true, and when one has proper strategies to tap this group, then he stands to reap huge benefits. With all the above strategies, appealing to this demographic would no longer be a task for the bold. Put them in to use and see how your business would transform.

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