7 Great Tips for Writing Content That Boosts Sales

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We already know that content writing is the cornerstone of your digital presence and brand image. Writing quality content equals creating a reputable image among your target audience members who are your potential customers. This is because the content you publish is your primary tool for interacting with them, sending them the right messages, and reaching your goals. One of those goals is boosting your sales.

If you’re looking for a way to boost your sales through content writing, look no further. We’ve prepared the ultimate guide with 7 great tips that can help you do it successfully. Keep reading for powerful tips that will skyrocket your sales.

1. Focus on Problem-Solving

One of the top reasons why people are searching for things online is to find information that can help them:

  • solve a problem
  • resolve a dilemma

This is why content that focuses on problem-solving can drive more organic traffic and engagement, and that’s no marketing secret. And, the more people see your content, the better.

So, to incorporate problem-solving in your content writing strategy, you should:

  • recognize the problems and pain points of your target audience
  • write high-quality content that provides multiple solutions
  • present your product or service as one of the solutions

People will want to read content that aims at helping them with specific issues and provides more than one reasonable answer. This allows you to promote your product or service subtly without being too pushy.

2. Show You’re Credible

Nobody wants to read low-quality content that has zero value, let alone buy products from a brand publishing such content. If you manage to show your credibility and professionalism through our content, people will be more willing to become your customers.

Writing high-quality content includes:

  • using credible sources of information such as case studies, statistics, academic papers, research
  • referring and linking to those sources
  • providing facts, data, and numbers

You can even conduct and publish case studies or research papers of your own, to further boost your brand credibility. You can get help from thesis writers and ensure you’re doing a great job. Your target audience will love seeing you’re more than just another brand trying to sell something, but someone they can trust and rely on.

3. Build Stories Around Products

Storytelling is one of the oldest tricks in the marketing book. Creating a narrative can help you get people’s attention and make them feel closer to your brand.

To boost your sales, you should put your product and its users in the center of the story.

The goal is to:

  • show how your product positively influences people’s lives
  • show what it looks like to use it
  • provide social proof by talking about previous customers

It’s exactly what Airbnb does with their “Stories from the Airbnb Community” campaign or what Nike did with their “Real Women” campaign. The goal is to show a clear connection between the product and the buyer persona and help people imagine what it would be like to become your customer.

So, use storytelling as a content writing strategy to boost your sales and get closer to your audience.

4. Use Influencer Marketing

Every marketing pro knows exactly how beneficial and powerful influencer marketing can be. Naturally, this is only the case if you do it right. There are several key steps you have to follow to be successful at influencer marketing:

  • Find the right influencer

You need someone your target audience relates to and who stands for the same values as your brand.

  • Create the right content 

You don’t want the influencer to just say “Hey, buy this!”. You want them to speak about your product from the perspective of an actual satisfied customer or an expert sharing factual data.

Do thorough research to find the influencer who clicks with your audience, and work with them to create the content your audience will love.

5. Create Tutorials & Guides

Another type of content that your audience will love is guides and tutorials. They need to be helpful, practical, and easy to understand to truly speak to your audience.

The best tutorials are based on the same key elements:

  • they provide step-by-step guidance through a process of solving a problem or accomplishing a goal
  • they provide visuals such as images, videos, screenshot, or infographics
  • they are concise but easy to understand
  • they’re entertaining

Prepare content that gives your audience valuable information, inspiration, motivation, and clear instructions. For instance, if you’re selling home accessories, you could create content such as “10 Steps to DIY Bathroom Redesign”.

Make sure some of your products are in the tutorials, and you’ll see your audience will respond to them positively.

6. Make Interactive Content 

Customer engagement and interaction are important, which is why you should consider creating and publishing more interactive content. Apart from being engaging, interactive content can be fun, educational, and informative.

Think about the type of interactive your brand would benefit from the most:

  • quizzes
  • polls and surveys
  • webinars
  • calculators and assessment tools

For instance, if you’re selling food supplements, you could create a calculator to help people see if they’re taking enough protein or vitamins based on their weight, height, and food intake.

Interactive content will make your content strategy more fun, drive more organic traffic to your website, and boost your sales.

7. Make More Videos

The power of video marketing is indisputable. People nowadays love getting instant information and enjoy visually rich content that engages all of their senses.

This is why you need to consider making more videos that revolve around your products one way or the other. You can choose and test different video types, measuring which one gets the best response from your audience.

Here’s what we suggest you try:

  • testimonial videos by real-life users; could be user-generated 
  • product videos that explain all the features and show you how to use it
  • explainer videos that provide explanations on any issues your audience is interested in
  • interviews with experts, influencers, or company figures who have something valuable to share
  • FAQ videos that answer questions previously asked by your audience 
  • social media videos that are short, shareable, and a combination of previously listed elements

Videos are amazing for your content marketing, so give them a go and see how they’ll help you boost your sales.

Final Thoughts

Using content marketing to boost your sales is a highly effective and powerful strategy. All you need to do is identify your audience’s interests, needs, and problems, and use different content formats to provide the information they’ll love.

The 7 content writing tips we’ve shared above will help you improve your content marketing strategy and skyrocket your sales. Why not start applying them today?


Author: Jessica Fender

Jessica Fender is a copywriter and blogger at Academastery with a background in marketing and sales. She enjoys sharing her experience with like-minded professionals who aim to provide customers with high-quality services.


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