Bad Habits in Social Media – Resolutions for 2012

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Whether it’s to lose 20 lbs, or kick cigarettes, it’s the time of year when we all get a fresh start and a new chance at getting in front of those bad habits and focus on what is most important to us in 2012.
In the spirit of kicking bad habits, we here at the National Institute for Social Media have gathered a list of resolutions for a few of the commonly cited bad habits in social media that may inspire you to add them to your new year resolutions.
I will keep the curse words to a minimum
In general, it is a good idea to avoid using curse words on your social media platforms. A rule of thumb is to consider whether you would want what you write today to be featured on the front page of tomorrow’s newspaper. This is a common expression, but easy to forget in electronic forms of communication.
I will focus on the positive
Often social networks become a place to voice displeasure over the latest trouble the world has to offer. It is very easy to take out our frustrations on a status bar. This year strive to keep a more positive tone, because as James Oppenheim quoted, “The foolish man seeks happiness in the distance; the wise grows it under his feet.”
I will add more variety to my social platforms
Much like the friend you know that tells the same old stories over and over again – posting the same content across all of your social media platforms, and using automated posting services will certainly get the word out about your content. It might even be interesting for the first few times you do it, but it won’t take long for you will be tuned out without a little more variety.
I will have genuine interest in those who I follow, and those who follow me
The thought process of many organizations is that the more friends and followers that they can find, the better results they will have. This is not necessarily the case if the goal to attain followers overshadows their ability to listen, and have genuine interest in that audience.
I will finish playing my turn on “Words With Friends” before takeoff
Alec Baldwin has recently shown us how addictive social media can become. There are a nearly limitless number of platforms that can easily engulf your daily schedule. As with any business activity, deliberately budget your time in order to better ensure that the time you are spending on your strategic social media activities are providing a return on investment.
I will not update every moment of my life
“Mmm….just got home and now I’m eating some rice.” Two minutes later… “Rice was good. I need a nap.” Social media offers us a wonderful medium to share information, but like with any conversation – consider first how much is too much. Telling us about your latest trip to the refrigerator? Probably a bit too much. Met up with a talking penguin upon opening the freezer? Create a podcast interviewing that penguin about the benefits of fish oil.
I will add value as opposed to selling
Creating content that people will find value in is one of the biggest challenges for the social media masses. It is also very tempting to make your social platforms into billboards for your organization. This year, challenge yourself to be creative, and find a topic that you can speak passionately about.
A new year has brought new opportunities to bring positive change to your social life. The next step is to find what motivates you to take the first step toward making and sustaining those changes. Think fresh, and keep up with the latest research and best practices that are released in the upcoming year in order to avoid making the same resolutions in 2013.


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