Are Social Media Professionals The New HR Specialists For Organizations?

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Who knew social media and networking would bring about such a revolution in the way we interact with people around the world. And these days, we have companies hiring a multi-talented pool using such mediums and platforms. So, let’s discuss whether such platforms actually prove to be a lucrative option for companies who are on the lookout for fresh recruitments.

What the experts say?

Sources from various companies agree that such methods of hiring and recruiting leads to a win-win situation, both for the potential employee and the employer at large.

So what do they mean by the “win-win” situation?

  • Such platforms would be ideal to tap the real talent pool out there.
  • One can actually learn more about those who are working but would want a change, or a new venture as a challenge to embark upon.
  • This indeed is a passive way to recruit, says a source, but most candidates they say are those who wouldn’t know about lucrative openings if they didn’t use social media.
  • Experts also advise recruiters to check candidates that are currently working and employed, but are looking for a desirable opening in future.
  • For potential employees, the tremendous arduous ways of finding a job, doing their research on the company they applied at, the legwork and the night oil burning can now be done away with.
  • Thanks to social media platforms, one has all the information they now need through social networking sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.

The new internet

Yes, social media as many would say is the “new internet”, and through this medium, consumers are made aware of various products, services, brands and utilities which they can choose to use or talk about with others. People on the lookout for their dream careers are making it big with the help of social networking sites. There are many benefits to using such mediums to ensure you hire the right talent pool.

  1. One cannot ignore that social media does exist, especially when it comes to the world of business. Skepticism to use social media and hire through the same has been shunned over the decade. The trend of recruiting has changed and diversified; the trends have been witness to a quick shift in the hiring scales from traditional methods to a more modernized approach for hiring the perfect candidate.
  2. Social media has been embraced time and again by companies large and small, not only to display what they have on offer, but to attract new clients and workers alike. By using this medium, social media platforms now work in tandem to educate masses about their company and their values for the community at large. Half the induction is thus done online while potential job seekers go through the company’s profile.

Social media recruiting is here to stay

Unless some other form of technology completely sweeps over the whole rigmarole of new ways via social media, nothing would stop companies from using this platform to choose the right talent pool. Further on, this is an effective way to engage a talented workforce in organizations. Seventy percent of successful hiring has been done through social media platforms over the past few years, and statistics say businesses are happy doing that.

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Jill Anderson works full-time as an HR specialist for a recruitment agency in Sydney. She screens candidates for various job descriptions and matches them with the job and company that needs their expertise.

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