Biggest Social Media Wins & Fails [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Social media is the new marketing mantra. Businesses have to jump on Facebook, Twitter and the like or risk being left hopelessly far behind, or so they are told. But not every business is as prepared as they should be to step into the brave new world of social media promotions. The way is littered with strong successes and spectacular failures. The very worst thing about a social media failure is that by its very nature, it is all too public.

Best practices for social media include simple things like making sure that people with access to the social media accounts are chosen carefully for their good judgment as well as more complex things like anticipating how a campaign might go terribly wrong. Nothing is foolproof, of course, but understanding the medium will help a great deal in preventing disasters. At its best, social media can be a powerful tool for etching a brand indelibly in the minds of consumers in a positive way.

Biggest Social Media Wins & Fails


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