Social Media Movements Steamrolling Thru 2014

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With the ever-changing world of social media, you need to have knowledge regarding the social media trends currently so you, the website domain marketer, can prepare your company for 2014. If you are unsure of how social media will materialize towards the close of 2013, or what newly standardized trends will befall, then reading this article until the very end will further glamorize your already shimmering business, and personal, social mindset.

Social Media Conflation

tried to go public – and tanked. Besides that, PR disasters have set Facebook on the back burner of investor strategies. Pinterest has become the hottest commodity in social media. Along with that, Twitter has enjoyed constant growth during much of 2013.

Google+ is also enjoying a steady growth ratio with more than 5 billion clicks on +1 buttons each day. LinkedIn has changed its social appearance and re-designed the site to attract more users. Considering all this, determining the social media trends can be a tough ask, but social media’s conflation will provide an interesting twist on social media marketing throughout 2014.

Content is King

Socially optimized content has become an absolute necessity in terms of content marketing. Google+ has changed its platform to facilitate and pave the way for social content on the site. Content marketing is expected to grow this year, with social media content being the primary choice of people. You can expect several content marketing strategies along with the related tools coming out in the market in 2014.

Social Media at Scale

Though using today’s buffet of social media platforms does not require loads of cash, social media at larger scales can be time consuming and, if effectiveness is being sought, somewhat costly. Along with being time consuming, the entire process can be confusing to some. Creating, managing and publishing great content on social media can take a toll on your day, until or unless you have workers which are ready to get the job done for free.

Twitter’s 140 Character Text- No Longer an Enigma

Twitter has faced so much criticism for being low on overall word count limits, as it only offers 140 characters per text. However, recent studies have revealed that the younger generation tends to like the idea, which for them is quite cool. Therefore, you can’t expect Twitter to grow any more in 2014 unless Dorsey takes them public as the company has managed to turn one of their major drawbacks into a potentially long-term monetary strength.

Pinterest – A Social Media Platform to Watch Out for in 2014

Going from an intuitive way of sharing images to one of the leading traffic generators in social media, Pinterest has made it big in the blink of an eye. Pinterest even surpasses Facebook in some areas, so you can probably assume the rest of this social media platform will capitalize on huge revenues next year.

When it comes to social media trends for 2014, Pinterest’s visual marketing will probably be at the top. Do not be surprised if other social media platforms offer the same services for its users, thanks largely to the trends set by Pinterest.


Lord only knows how reliant marketers will become in 2014 on social media’s unbridled power. Social suggestion will destroy, or amplify, any great business – only consumers know exactly why. So, in planning your social media preemptive strikes for January, keep in mind what is may not be what is to come.

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