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When a new year begins, we create vision boards or make new year resolutions that we hope to accomplish throughout the year. The one thing that should be on your list consistently every year is professional development. A social media specialist is never an expert because there is always something new to learn. So whether you have an hour each week or an hour each month dedicated to learning something new, I’ll give you a few tips to successfully achieve this ongoing goal. 


When the pandemic hit in 2020, I learned the actual value of online webinars. In December 2020, I received my certification from the National Institute of Social Media (NISM). You have to earn 20 CEUs to renew your certification. NISM provides a variety of webinars that you can attend during your workday, or you can purchase in their online store. Monthly, I learn a new skill by watching a #NISMWebinar and applying it to my job in a realistic way.

Have an interest in learning more about social media and web analytics? There’s a webinar for that. Have an interest in learning about content calendars? There’s a webinar for that. Sometimes the webinars fit into our schedule. We can tweet about new findings. Sometimes the webinars do not fit into our workday. However, we can watch the recording at a more convenient time. 

Here are a few of my favorite sources for webinars: 


Another great way to earn professional development hours is by attending a conference online or in person. It’s a chance to take a day or half of the day to learn about new trends or network with other social media professionals. 

Social Media Day on June 30 is a great time to participate in the world of conferences. Often cities host their own Social Media Day conference like Social Media Day Baltimore, or you can attend an annual one like Social Media Pros Social Media Day Summit 2021. 

Here are some significant conferences happening this year: 

Are you ready to map out a year of social media learning opportunities? Then, share your professional development experiences at webinars and conferences throughout the year. 


Author: Paulette Wilson 

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