Comprehensive Field Guide 6 in 1

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Don't leave your social media strategist career up to chance!

Add a credential and credibility to the amazing work you do.

This book covers what you need to know and more to pass the NISM Social Media Strategist certification exam. Each section of the book covers one of the six content domains:
•Research and Analysis
•Strategic Planning
•Project Management
•Marketing and Communications
•Community Management
•Governance and Compliance

Wonderful for professionals in all industries looking to build greater skill in social media!


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Organizations recognize that social media isn’t just for fun anymore – it’s how you reach your customers, beat your competition, and achieve success as an organization. A successful leader isn’t going to hire their niece who just graduated from high school anymore; the job is too important. But how will they determine if someone is the social media professional they claim to be?

NISM realized the need for a certification within the realm of social media as more and more individuals entered the field with varying levels of experience. Experienced social media professionals can demonstrate their knowledge and hiring managers can more easily identify individuals with the skill set they desired in social media strategy. A professional certification is the perfect solution.

This book covers what you need to know and more to pass the certified SMS exam. Each section of the book covers one of the six content domains:
•Research and Analysis
•Strategic Planning
•Project Management
•Marketing and Communications
•Community Management
•Governance and Compliance

Whatever your area of expertise is in social media, this book can highlight what additional information you need to study, practice, or research further through
•Detailed review of social media concepts and ideas
•Key industry term definition
•Real-world application through discussion prompts
•Infographics and charts to support new or challenging concepts
•Case studies
•Detailed exam prep review

Written by NISM’s Chief Learning Officer Dr. Amy Jauman, this book highlights the key components of what it takes to pass the SMS exam and more. Each section was reviewed by current certified social media strategists, industry experts, and practicing social media professionals to ensure the book has a practical look and feel that makes the detailed information needed to pass the exam easy to identify and remember.

5 reviews for Comprehensive Field Guide 6 in 1

  1. Magdalena Schürmann

    What does a helpful and comprehensive non-fiction work need? Everything this Comprehensive Field Guide for the NISM SMS certification exam has – solid information, deep understanding of the content, practical examples, application questions, and the perfect mixture of factual information and humorous insights into the work of a Social Media Strategist.
    The guide covers all of the six content areas that are part of SMS exam. Every chapter presents the important information as well as questions for application and deeper research. Case studies throughout the guide are helpful in using the information provided on a real-life example.
    The guide helped me to not only prepare for the exam, but get a better understanding of what it means to to work in the social media arena and of what I want to do with the knowledge I gained.
    I worked with e-book version of the guide, which showed to be very easy and convenient.

  2. Patricia Diaz

    Easy to read, understand, and digest. The Field Guide was an integral part of my passing the SMS exam. It was so well thought out and outlined.

    I really loved the highlights of what to expect on the exam and was great to reference after taking the practice exams. I used the e-book version so could constantly go back for reference.

  3. Joe Cannata

    This guide was extremely educational, as it exposed me to new areas of social media mechanics and strategy, that I had not seen nor heard of before. It was extremely useful in helping me pass the SMS exam, on my first try. The book maps tightly to the six content domains the exam covers. The information presented in each chapter is extensive enough to be its own book. There are thought-provoking exercises and activities with each chapter, that bring you from theory to real-world practice. It contains relevant and up to date information using case studies of current situations and events in social media. I still refer to it as a reference resource in my daily work. I strongly recommend this book for anyone looking to get NISM Certified as a Social Media Strategist (SMS). As long as you can master the easy to consume content, it will go a long way towards completing YOUR journey of becoming certified as an SMS. If getting certified is not your goal, this book is still a great reference guide on its own for any social media professional.

  4. Holly Tapper

    This book is so comprehensive that my University has incorporated it into our MBA curriculum! It provides a focused application of social media strategy across functional areas, and of course it helps readers prepare for their Social Media Strategist certification exam. Our students give it positive reviews and so do I!

  5. Forrest

    As a social media strategist, as well as an educator, I find the Comprehensive Field Guide, is my go-to resource for many reasons. The book covers the six content domains for the SMS Exam, so it is a solid resource for those preparing for it. It is an enjoyable read, and from what I understand the Comprehensive Field Guide has been adopted as a textbook in some MBA courses. In my opinion, this book one of the best books available for those professionals who are working in the social media space.

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