Why Packaging Needs to be Social Media Ready

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Our mode of communication has become modernized because of technology. Most people spend the majority of their time monitoring their mobile phones and engaging in social media. Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp are some of the popular social media platforms. It shows that people become more visual in many things, especially when buying products. In this, packaging plays a significant role in building brands.

If you are running a business, you should include packaging as an effective strategy for your social media marketing. Social media has a big impact on buying decisions. Buyers usually check the packaging or label first before the product itself. Thus, optimization is essential through flexible packaging.

Social Handles Increases Visibility

When marketing your brand, always aim to provide both clever packaging and great products. Adding hashtags on the packaging is an effective social media marketing technique. It will increase the brand’s visibility on social media once your customers use your hashtags or tag you in their posts.

If you deliver the products personally to your customers, try creating a personalized hashtag relevant to your brand. Customers can then take photos and share them on social media, at the same time tagging you. Allowing social media to increase your visibility which will lead to building fans and followers.

Craft Message You Want to Convey – Inside & Out

As you want your customers to remember your brand, it is essential to create packaging with the message you want to convey. The packaging design makes the product remarkable both outside and inside. Once your customers are satisfied with your product, they will share it on social media.

Customizing the packaging is a smart move, such as double-sided printing. You can also print an inspirational message inside the box and feature the logo outside. If you don’t have any idea about flexible packaging, you can find packaging inspiration online.

Remember that minor details will make a big impact on your target audience. Many people are checking social media before buying a product. They want to buy one in which the brand treats the customers well.

Makes Brand Memorable

The material and color of the packaging will make your brand easy to remember by your clients. Keep in mind that the design of the packaging conveys the message of your brand to your target audience. If you want to establish brand loyalty, create a recognizable label.

Once the brand is instilled in the minds of the customers, they can still recognize it even removing the brand name in the packaging. If you aim to share your brand on any social media platform, see that the packaging is easy to remember. It would be easier to remember your brand if the packaging has an eye-catching photograph.

Color Completes the Mood

Another thing to consider when designing the packaging is the color to use. The color has a psychological impact on the customers. With this, many companies create stunning photography of their products. Using strong colors can help those who don’t have professional photography equipment.

You can use a mobile phone when taking pictures and employing strong colors will complete the mood. The video or photo of the brand is not only the main selling point. It will attract the attention of the target audience. Thus, make your product packaging more impactful.

Reusable Means Re-Sharable

Before implementing social media marketing, think first about where you want to share your content. In the same way, you must think about the design and functionality of your packaging. Use packaging that is reusable or re-sharable. A sturdy box is an ideal packaging material that can be used longer as storage.

Customize the box by creating unique prints, making it ideal for the storage of different items. Your customers will surely take photos of the reusable packaging and share them on their posts. These photographs are a great help for establishing your brand. Remember that better packaging will lead to a better online presence.

Making Unboxing Experience Memorable

The unboxing experience is essential in social media marketing practice. If your current customers have good unboxing experiences, most likely they will share it on social media. Many customers are taking videos while unboxing products they bought. The unboxing experience can either make or break your brand.

There are plenty of unboxing videos you can find on YouTube or Instagram. Use them as an inspiration. You may have a concrete idea of how to convey your brand to the customers. But you can still improve them by watching some helpful videos. Aim to create an unboxing experience that will lead to positive reactions from your customers.

Make sure that the brand, packaging, target market, and social media work well. Achieving a favorable unboxing experience will lead to a positive response.

Buying Experiences Make An Impact

Packaging is one area of consideration for achieving a good buying experience. Consider the appearance of your packaging when photographed. Smart packaging is the key to interacting with your brand with your target audience. It would not only encourage brand loyalty but also return customers. If buyers achieve a good buying experience, they will share photographs on social media. Thus, gain more potential buyers.

Final thoughts

Gone are the days when customers were satisfied with brown paper packages. Nowadays, buyers look for brand packaging that is shareable on social media. Start improving your packaging, making them social media-ready. It would not only make your brand recognizable but also encourage positive online reviews. 


Author: Alice Mackenzie

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