NISM is Growing–Here’s What That Means for You

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A Legacy of Finding Creative Solutions

It was Tina Fey who said in her memoir Bossypants, “Whatever the problem, be part of the solution. Don’t just sit around raising questions and pointing out obstacles.”

That’s exactly what NISM has done for years. When we see a problem, we find a solution. 

Back in 2011, we saw a problem. There were no social media certifications, education, and or professional communities that set an industry standard.

So we created them. That’s how NISM was born.

Today, we’re recognized worldwide. We partner with colleges and universities across the globe to help them deliver high quality social media education and curriculum to students, and to provide credentials that help enhance students’ career opportunities.


Taking Action on An Urgent Problem Today

Fast forwarding to present day, we see another problem. 

There’s no complete standard or community of practice for the entire digital marketing space.

In other words, digital marketing education and certifications are fragmented. And there’s no single, gold standard governing body that vets them. That creates confusion for employers and businesses when it comes to hiring skilled marketers, as well as disjointed or unequal skillsets for marketing professionals.

Once again, NISM became part of the solution and took action. 

We acquired the most esteemed, platform-agnostic digital marketing certification body and industry standards association–OMCP.


Elevating Opportunities and Careers for All Digital Marketers

Why would NISM, a social media certification and education company acquire OMCP, a company that provides certification standards for online marketing curriculum and an industry association?


About OMCP

We knew one thing. If we wanted to solve the digital marketing field’s lack of standardization and community of practice, we needed the best partner.

OMPC is an esteemed, platform-agnostic digital marketing certification body and industry standards association. Their staff provides certification verification and credentialing of individual practitioners and educational institutions.

NISM’s CEO Jennifer Radke says it best:

“Adding OMCP under our umbrella increases our reach in helping professionals and recent grads to build a lucrative career in digital marketing.

The industry has long needed a complete standard and community of practice. At NISM, we now have the complete coverage of the digital marketing practice and standard and are already seeing an increase in participation.”

How will this acquisition benefit professionals in all stages of their careers?

NISM is entering a lifelong partnership with OMCP to…

  • Combine two gold standard organizations that employers and marketing professionals can continue to deeply trust.  
  • Provide even more people, thanks to OMCP’s many universities, colleges, and training institutes, with access to training and education that will help new and seasoned marketing professionals grow their careers.
  • Create a cohesive community of practice for people working in all facets of digital marketing–social media, SEO, advertising, analytics, conversion, and more.

Underscoring the importance of these benefits is a word from OMCP co-founder Michael Stebbins:

“NISM has already established its reputation and community in a very effective way. Now, NISM and OMCP are the only organizations that offer platform-agnostic, reputable certifications. 

This will continue to be the gold standard for marketing professionals to grow and develop their careers.”

Watch for new ways to earn Continuing Education Units, connect with the full NISM/OMCP community, and continue your professional development.



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