The Latest Trends in Content Marketing

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The digital marketing landscape is evolving fast. As a result, companies need to update their
strategies over time. In this post, we’re going to have a look at the latest trends in content
marketing so that you can make sure your strategy is heading in the right direction.

We’re Moving Away from Typed Searches

This requires a slight tweak in strategy rather than a complete overhaul. It means including
more question and answer type posts and incorporating natural language into them. Focus
more on key phrases rather than individual keywords.

Use Live Videos

Live videos are a scary prospect for the marketer. If something goes wrong, there’s no second
take. But that’s part of the appeal for the audience – live videos are not normally as highly
polished as pre-recorded content. This makes them come across as more authentic.
Another reason why live feeds are popular is that they allow the viewers to get in on the action
while it’s occurring. They can comment or ask questions on a live forum. This increases
engagement by up to ten times.

A Transparent Privacy Policy

Before people trust you with their personal information, they need to know what you’re doing
with it. Privacy in the internet age has become a hard-to-come-by-commodity. Your consumers
need to know:

  • Who you’re sharing their information with. Not everyone is averse to some sharing of
    their information. However, they don’t want their information to be packaged and sold as a product. If you’re planning on sharing their information, be clear about who you’ll share it
    with and why.
  • How you protect their information. Consumers must know how far you’ll go to protect
    their privacy. There’s a big difference between creating a list of anonymous user data and
    giving out sensitive information like real names and phone numbers. Clients need to know
    what steps you’ve taken to secure their privacy.

Personalized Marketing

If you’re old enough, you’ll remember the deluge of junk mail. Back then, letters addressed to
“The Occupant” or some other generic title were binned without being opened.

Today’s marketing methods are more digital in nature, but it’s equally important to adopt a
personalized strategy. This strategy should carry over to your content marketing strategy as

In this case, it means focusing on providing the right content at the right time. Modern CRM
software makes this a lot simpler for you.

More Focus on Visual Content

Videos and photos convey a lot of information with little work for the consumer. That’s one of the
reasons why the popularity of infographics has increased by 65% over the last five years. Take
the infographic from Review 42 as an example. It presents the information in small chunks and
uses visuals to reinforce the image. Using visuals in your content can improve retention and engagement.

Final Notes
These are the main trends that you need to take note of going forward. They’ve proved
important for us in 2019 and are only going to gain in importance in 2020. Don’t miss out –
adjust your strategy today!

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