How to Write Engaging Blog Posts on Social Media

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If you are in the business of online sales, ecommerce, or content marketing, you probably know the value of engaging content, especially on social media, where people spend a lot of time browsing. After all, content is king. Your blog or website is one of the most powerful tools a business owner can have. It’s where you humanize your brand, get closer to your online customer base, and build trust and loyalty. 

Customer-oriented content is essential to your marketing strategy. Additionally, it helps your brand stand out, leading to paying customers. Remember, people spend 143 minutes a day browsing the internet on their mobile phones only, which is a great opportunity to grab their attention with compelling content. Here’s what you should do:


Tell Stories

People generally relate more to real-life experiences. Sharing your real-life stories with customers is a sure way to build trust and connection with potential buyers. Sharing personal experiences through your blog posts will keep your audience inspired and engaged, but most importantly, it will make you relatable. One of the underrated functions of business blogs is the ability to humanize your brand. Therefore, telling stories is a perfect way for you to show your soft side to your audience. 

Provide Useful Content

As much as you’re trying to entertain your readers, never forget that the sole purpose of your website is learning something new or improving existing knowledge. If readers constantly get insightful content, they’ll keep coming back for more. Moreover, they will recommend your website to friends, colleagues, and family members who share similar interests. That way, your customer base will only get bigger, which is what every business owner wants. 

Content Diversity Is Mandatory

Posting the same content over and over again is a quick way to make your audience uninterested in your blog. By covering various topics, you will motivate readers to come back for more. Of course, your blog posts should be relevant to your website. Still, switching up every now and then between topics and writing styles can keep readers wondering what’s next. 

Communicate an Idea Clearly  

There’s nothing worse than stuffing your blog posts with fluff. When writing on any topic, your readers should have a clear idea of what your blog post is about to discuss within the first few sentences. The moment they take too long to understand the concept, the chances are you’ve lost them already. While it’s important to make a point early on, it should be done seamlessly. The unnatural structure of your posts or a desire to get the message across as soon as possible can also damage your blog.  

The Writing Style Is Crucial

In addition to the points mentioned above, your general writing style is very important for drawing readers toward your blog. Your tone should be appropriate to the style and topics you are covering. Whether you’re telling a story or advertising a product, every sentence should be well thought out and serve a purpose. Make sure that the flow of your article from one section to another is seamless and your blog post is easy to read and understand. 

Be Original

Your content should stand out from everything else your readers have seen or heard before. Creating a unique blog post and building a connection with your readers involves giving them what they are looking for with a fresh take on the topic. Original content is also highly beneficial to your blog’s performance in search engines since a blog with distinct keywords and unique content is likely to rank higher in the search engine results page. 



Blogging is the cornerstone of content marketing. You mustn’t forget that your content is the best representation of your brand and products. A well-executed blog can be the driving force behind all your marketing efforts. Therefore, the importance of creating engaging content for your readers shouldn’t be underestimated. 


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