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Are you tired of not being able to utilize your social content to it’s full potential?

Would you love to be able to embed Facebook posts and/or Instagram images into your blog posts and web pages?

Now you can.

Say goodbye to third-party plugins or messy coding hacks, and hello to simple, efficient embedding, thanks to the very services that published your content in the first place.

Facebook & Instagram Now Allow Embedding Offsite

You’re no longer limited to sharing your posts and content through limited channels. Instagram, for example, allows you to share an image or video on other social channels. This is very convenient and often what people are interested in.

Many of us would love to be able to get more out of our social activity, and embedding posted content elsewhere such as your blog or website is a great way to increase engagement with your visitors and increase the number of social signals associated with your brand.

Facebook Embedding


  • Facebook embedded posts (posts you have placed on your website or blog) will be able to display any media that is attached to the initial status update such as video, images, and links.
  • If someone wishes to engage with your brand through an embedded post, they can easily like / follow the author of the content.


  • Only posts that are posted as public will be able to be embedded outside of Facebook.

Instagram Embedding


  • Embedded content from Instagram will display the author’s information (username) as well as more information about the content such as the number of likes an image / video has gained so far.


  • As with Facebook, only posts that are public can be embedded. For Instagram users this can be a problem because a user profile can either be public or private; there is not yet a way to set privacy restrictions on individual images.

What Does This Mean For Your Brand?

The option to embed content you have published is going to provide some huge opportunities to brands in all industries.

Instead of having to direct people to visit you on Facebook and Instagram, you can show them something that you have posted to let them know what kinds of content and communication that they can expect from you without having to like / follow / add you first. This is going to be very appealing to the average person – anything that shortens the process and reduces the number of clicks is sure to be attractive to users, providing the content you are embedding is communicating the right message.

The Takeaway

This sort of content syndication is soon going to be taking the social web by storm. Marketers everywhere are going to be searching for new and better content to publish, and then places where that content can be shared. This is another step towards a new SEO future that focuses on creating a brand and getting in front of your target audience.

Just think of being able to show off some of your best work without having to take a screenshot and upload it to your blog, link it to the original post, etc!

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Why Use Visual Content in Social Media Marketing

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