NISM Instructor Highlight – Dr. John Weidert

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Dr. John Weidert

We are pleased to introduce you to Dr. John Weidert, NISM-certified Instructor and Social Media Strategist. Dr. Weidert joined the NISM team in 2013 and has brought a wealth of knowledge and experience into the classroom! Dr. Weidert started as a disc jockey at the age of 16 and proceeded to spend more than 30 years working in the area of media experience. His focus has been on mediums such as: radio, television, print, internet and social media. In addition, he has taught college level media and communications courses at the undergraduate and graduate levels for more than 16 years. Currently, Dr. Weidert is the Director of Faculty Development for Columbia Southern University, Orange Beach, Alabama and adjunct teaches for Argosy University and the University of the Rockies. Future career objectives include: developing strategies for using social media to create everywhere learning environments to enhance learner-facilitator engagements and writing a monograph of my life in media.

Recently, I had the opportunity to ask Dr. Weidert a few questions about being a Social Media Strategist and instructor. His responses and advice for future certification applicants are below:

Dr. Weidert, how has getting certified as a Social Media Strategist (SMS) helped you?

“Getting certified has “enlarged my understanding of media, marketing and the social community development and management”. It has also “improved my personal brand and marketability as a social media practitioner”.

What do you enjoy most about teaching for the National Institute for Social Media?

“Meeting and working with people who have a genuine passion for media and sincerely desire not only to know more about social media but also to explore new media vistas.”

What piece of advice would you like to provide potential SMS Certification students?

“Never let barriers keep you from living your dreams”.

For professionals planning to take the certification exam, what would you like them to know as they prepare?

“Think through the practical applications of social media tools. Consider scenarios that challenge you to think from multiple perspectives and apply higher levels of competencies”.

What questions do you have for Dr. Weidert?

Feel free to ask them in the comments below and engage with him on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, or on his Blog. Come back soon for additional instructor highlights!

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  1. ajpepe85

    I had the privilege of learning under Dr. Weidert for 4 years in college. Not only was his media expertise monumental in my education, but his love for what he does and for his students is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced from another college teacher. While I am not currently working in the field in which I studied, Dr. Weidert taught me many practical applications that I can take with me and apply to any situation in life. He always pushed me to strive for EXCELLENCE in all that I do, and he challenged me to do the very BEST that I can, no matter what the situation. That is something I will take with me for the rest of my life

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