Check Off Your First 2017 Resolution This Week

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I’ve enjoyed working with the National Institute of Social Media immensely lately. We’re putting out a series of new books in 2017 to help social media marketing professionals prep for the Social Media Strategist exam (and a career in social media in general) and the content is amazing. But the book that might be the most fun is the anthology – because it’s being written by the social media community.

In addition to six books (one per content domain on the exam), NISM CEO Jen Radke is compiling tips from social media professionals – an anthology for social media professionals written by social media professionals. That’s right – we opened it up to the public. After all, how could one social media professional share as many insightful tips as 100?

In the month or so that we’ve had the opportunity available, I’ve heard some interesting questions. Many people asked for topic ideas and learned quickly that they had plenty to share with the world! Many others asked if, in my opinion, they were qualified enough to give advice – and I answered that in another blog post. But one person asked me, “Why would someone contribute to this anthology – they don’t make any money, so what’s the point?”

Get Real and Get Published.

Statistic Brain provided fabulous insights into 2015 New Years Resolutions. The topics won’t surprise you – losing weight, getting organized, etc. But only 8% report that they achieve their goals. Why are resolutions so difficult?

Think about resolutions – your own, goals others have shared with you, etc.. How often are they realistic? And how often are they – despite genuinely good intentions – impossible to achieve? Do you know someone who has decided to run a marathon next year even though they can’t run a mile today? Have you ever talked to someone who has decided to give up <insert any lifelong vice here> on January 1st? On some level, you know they’re setting themselves up for failure. They’re enjoying the temporary high of believing they can accomplish a tremendous goal, but there’s good chance they’ll have to cope with the feelings of failure within a short period of time (likely within 30 days of the new year).

What if your goal is to get published, up your professional credibility, or establish yourself as an expert? Are you setting yourself up for failure by mapping out a path that includes publishing a book or some other time-consuming and incredibly difficult task? Or are you looking for more realistic ways to reach your goals?

Opportunities like getting published in the NISM anthology, business magazines, or blogs in your industry can provide you with the credibility you’re looking for and a process that is challenging but realistic. Each opportunity you consider will have varying levels of appeal – some may seem like they will be a better boost for your career, others may be more interesting, and you still others may be appealing because they’re a stretch goal that pushes you to your limits. Whatever reason the work is calling to you, follow up on it. It’s an attainable goal that can lead to amazing things.

So why submit a piece to the NISM anthology?

In 2016 you have an opportunity to set yourself up to achieve a 2017 resolution – to get published. Your entry has to be submitted by December 31, 2016, so don’t wait to get started. Wouldn’t it feel great to start the new year with a unique, professional head start?

If you have questions, want ideas, or are just looking for some encouragement and inspiration, feel free to email my at [email protected] or update me on your progress via Twitter!


Dr. Amy Jauman is the Chief Education Officer and Owner of Remotely Smart, a virtual company that provides professional development support to remote and traditional organizations. She is a Certified Social Media Strategist and Instructor with the National Institute for Social Media. Amy is also one of 58 members representing 12 countries in the inaugural class of the Prezi Educator Society. Previously she was the Social Media Director for Women Entrepreneurs of Minnesota (WeMN) and she currently serves as the marketing director for the Minnesota Chapter of the National Speakers Association. She is also an adjunct professor in the St. Catherine University Business Department and the St. Mary’s University of Minnesota MBA program.


You can learn more about her by connecting on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and her blog!


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