5 Customer Service Strategies to Keep Them Coming Back for More

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High quality customer service is what separates superior companies from the pack. Good service not only ensures that your customers come back, but it also helps bring in new customers. Your customers will be more loyal, and recommend your products and services to others. The following are a few tips to keep in mind that will help to ensure that your company is providing high quality customer service.

First Impression

First impressions are extremely important. If your company disappoints on the first visit it is not likely that customers will return back to your business; in fact, not only will they not return they are more likely to warn others about your business and tell them to stay away.

Ensure Satisfaction

Make sure that your customer leaves your store satisfied and have all of their questions answered. Listening to the customers and hearing what they are not happy will help reduce any potential problems. It will also help you to identify what your organization might need to improve upon.

No False Promises

Do not make promises you cannot keep. No one likes being lied to – especially your customers. In the course of business, it is best not to promise anything that your organization will not be able to deliver. However, we are all human. Humans do make mistakes. If something goes wrong in the course of delivering upon your promise, admit you mistake, explain how you intend to fix the problem and move on.

Don’t Ignore Complaints

Deal with complaints. It is true that you can’t please everyone, but if you do intend to leave a customer’s complaint unfulfilled it can quickly lead to negative word of mouth. If you give someone’s complaint your full attention you may be able to figure out a solution that will please the customer and position your business to be known for good customer service.

Go the Extra Mile

Take extra steps to show a customer you care. For example, if a customer is asking you where something is in your store, don’t just say “It’s in Aisle 5”. Take them to the item they are looking for. Then don’t just take off and continue working, ask them if they have any questions about the product, or see if there is anything else you can help them with. If you take these extra steps – people will notice – and they may be a reference for you in the future.

The challenge for you is to follow these tips consistently. Your may be able to establish a new reputation and relationship with your customers that you have never had before. The long-term payoffs of this endeavor are likely to exceed your expectations.


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