4 Content Ideas Involving Social Media To Boost SEO Efforts

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Social Media is most often talked about on the web in terms of publishing and interacting. Rarely do people talk about the great content Social Media provides to content marketers in their efforts to deliver high quality and engaging content to end users. Even less than that the concept of leveraging all this great Social content for improving SEO results. And that’s what I’m going to break down for you today.

One of the greatest things about Social Media is the fact that you have thousands, sometimes millions of creative and passionate people generating and publishing content in the form of text, images and video. The SEO campaigns that learn to better leverage this world flattening content machine are going to be the SEO campaigns that succeed for years to come. The following are 4 specific ways the top content marketers are making this happen:

1. Tweet Roundups

With so many people on Twitter and so many people leaving multiple updates per day, there’s so much you can pull off one specific topic that’s sure to engage an audience. What did the top comedians have to say today about the Presidential Election? What did the top athletes have to say about LeBron James dunk of the night? You be the one to help them by creating a quick blog post that displays embedded tweets on a specific subject.

2. Pins of the Week

Pinterest contains the best sources of visual content you can find anywhere. Maybe you can put Tumblr and Flickr on there but they come in a close 2nd place at best. Create a few blog posts showing the most popular pins on a specific subject. Or the top pins of the week, month etc. in your niche.

3. YouTube Video Transcripts

Taking popular instructional or educational based videos and extracting the main points in the form of content below or above the video in a blog post is what this search engine optimization strategy is all about. So many people stay away from this strategy simply because of one thing… time. Be willing to sacrifice the time and you’ll reap the rewards!

4. Meme Lists

Much like #2 on this list (Pins of the week) you can leverage memes others have created (or create your own) to create a top visual list of memes on a given subject. Unless you want to waste an entire week of work because this can be so much fun, I recommend leveraging memes that others have created.

There are many more that I could add to this list but for the sake of time (yours and mine) I wanted to put together the most popular and most commonly used strategies. The best content marketers and SEOs not only leverage these 4 content strategies, but they do so with a great deal of effort and consistency. Not just a few posts here and there on a blog, but consistent posts weekly, each that have been well researched and well written to provide the best consumable outcome. If you can match these top content marketers in these efforts, you’re sure to succeed as they have!

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