Asking the Magic 8 Ball – Stepping into 2018

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Making plans for the upcoming year, and sometimes even just for a week, can feel like an impossible task. At times it is hard to predict what lies ahead and what might happen. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a crystal ball to show us what lies ahead? Or even just a working Magic 8 Ball for some guidance? Especially in times of uncertainty I find it soothing to have a plan, to have goals that I work towards. These goals give me a sense of purpose when I don’t exactly know what and why I am doing something, and a sense of structure in times that are chaotic and volatile. As a structure-loving person I had my “aha”-moment at college when I first heard of setting SMART goals (specific, measurable, attractive, realistic, time-bound). Ever since, I have used this formula in setting my own goals, but also working with clients.

After an amazing finish line in 2017, during which I became a certified instructor for the National Institute for Social Media and started a number of new projects, I am now looking at what I can do and want to do with my new possibilities. My biggest project in social media will therefore be to bring NISM to Germany and create interest and actual classes in cooperation with NISM. So, what does that mean in SMART terms?

By the end of 2018 (time-bound) I want to have taught at least one SMS prep-class and have found at least 150 people (measurable) interested in NISM and what they have to offer, either as a mailing list or newsletter subscribers in Germany (specific) for NISM. This is realistic to me, since I work with a number of clients and businesses that could profit from getting themselves or their employees certified. In addition, I am looking to make new contacts through what I have learned and what I have to offer in cooperation with the National Institute for Social Media. Is this attractive? Well, yes, it is! I am looking forward to meeting new people, putting my skills to work, and starting something new and exciting. And of course, there is a certain thrill to saying: “I am the first!” That never gets old!

Now, even with that goal in mind, wouldn’t it be interesting to have a real-working Magic 8 ball that could tell us exactly what lies ahead of us and if our plan will work? We could see into our future, avoid mistakes, and always find the right path just by asking a number of questions. Yes, I think it would be interesting. It wouldn’t necessarily be good, but interesting. Why not good, you may ask yourself. Well, let’s say we wouldn’t make any mistakes: That would mean we would miss many opportunities to learn and evolve, make changes, try new thing, and create experiences for ourselves and others. I am sure that once 2018 is over I will have several incidences that I could have handled in different ways or encounters that could have gone in different directions. However, as you can see from the goal above, it is not merely about achieving hard facts and numbers, but about embracing the ride and all the chances and opportunities that go with it. My New Year’s Eve wishes to you: May you have a year full of experiences, teachable moments, and opportunities to grow yourself and whatever projects and businesses you are looking forward to!


If I had a Magic 8 ball, what would it say about social media in 2018?

Me: Magic 8 ball, I want to peek into the future of social media for 2018 and I need your help. Will we still be talking about social in 2018?

Magic 8: Without a doubt.

Me: That is great! I kind of thought we would. Will there be big changes on the platforms we know?

Magic 8: Signs point to yes.

Me: Well, no wonder! Social still is an ever-moving playing field. I do wonder, will there be new social platforms?

Magic 8: Most likely.

Me: Ok, interesting., I can see why you wouldn’t be more specific and sure. We have seen so many different types of platforms, from video to messaging, from image based to full-service. What new could there possibly be? I know, you can’t answer that! But let’s try your prediction on influence of social media. Will social media continue to influence people’s thoughts, behaviors, and attitudes in all the different aspects of life, such as consumer decisions, politics, and trends?

Magic 8: As I see it, yes.

Me: I hope you are right, but in a positive way. Social media has been able to support and foster change in so many ways. Hopefully we will see more positive of that and less bullying, allegations, and fake news. Do you think we will see less of that in 2018?

Magic 8: My sources say no.

Me: Figures! Oh well, I do hope you are wrong on this one – no offense! Ok, one last question for now: will 2018 be interesting for professionals in social media?

Magic 8: You may rely on it.

Me: Thank you, Magic 8!

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Author: Magdalena Schürmann

Her passion for organization and solving problems benefits Magdalena’s work as a consultant and in coaching private clients as well as small businesses in diverse areas connected to work life – from job changes to social media marketing. In her business ArbeitsLeben Magdalena often helps clients to reduce stress and gain more balance through organization and personal and professional coaching. Her goal is to educate, to encourage, and to empower her clients.

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