5 Ways You Can Improve Your Job Prospects Online

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When you are actively seeking employment and you want to improve the number of job prospects you have available to you online, doing so is possible by preparing ahead of time and having a clear understanding of the direction you want your life to go in. Improving your job prospects online requires a dedication to improving your overall professional image and portfolio that showcases the type of work you have to offer, regardless of the industry you want to work in.

Create a Portfolio

Creating a portfolio online to showcase any work you have done in the past is a great way to appeal to potential employers while improving your professional image. Using a portfolio community online or adding a portfolio to your official website is highly recommended whether you design, write, or even help with managing the business aspect of various projects in the industry you represent. The more work you can showcase to employers and prospects online, the more likely you are to be remembered and considered for a job opening.

Launch a Personal Website

Launching a personal website that represents you professionally is another way to improve your job prospects and to be taken more serious when you are applying for a position you desire. Having a personal website that represents you professionally can be done by sharing your portfolio, resume and contact information directly on the site itself in addition to also providing links to your social media accounts. The more involved you are with social media that relates to the industry you want to work in, the more valuable you will be considered to potential employers who are seeking new individuals to fill open positions.

Review Your Personal Social Networking Accounts

Be sure to review your personal social networking accounts and profiles to ensure that there is no inappropriate photos, updates or information presented on them, as they are often shared with the public. Ridding any incriminating photos or information about you that may stop an employer from hiring you is essential in the online world and when you are applying for new jobs from home.

Get Active With LinkedIn

Create a LinkedIn account to connect with business associates, peers and even potential employers that may be in the process of hiring new employees. Using LinkedIn regularly allows you to build strong networking connections that can be useful when applying for new jobs or even looking to start new potential businesses and partnerships. LinkedIn is ideal if you want to boost your credibility professionally by asking for written recommendations and endorsements from those you have worked with in the past.

Being Direct and Connecting With Potential Employers

Connecting with potential employers and companies that are hiring directly can also be done right from home, online. Using networks and communities such as LinkedIn is an ideal way to reach out and to directly connect with prospective employers who may have a position you are qualified and experienced to fill. You can also use LinkedIn to ask your current connections to make virtual introductions to you and potential employers, increasing your visibility and improving the chances of being asked for an interview or to fill a position you have in mind. The more active you are within professional social networking sites, the more options for employment you will have available.

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