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Comprehensive Field Guide 6 in 1 (E-Book)


NISM Social Media Strategist (SMS) Practice Exam

A 50-question practice exam that you must complete within the 1 hour of allotted time. Each practice exam will feature a random assortment of questions from the 6 content domains similar to what you will see during your certification exam, and will show you the correct responses should you answer incorrectly.


Are you looking to improve your social media resume? This self-study bundle is designed for self-motivated candidates, who are looking for maximum flexibility when preparing to take the NISM Social Media Strategist certification exam. 

We include everything needed to prepare you to earn your SMS credential. The textbook will guide you through all six content domain areas and the practice exam will let you know what to expect when you sit for your certification. 

Start your journey to certification today!

Target Student
Marketing teams, individual marketing professionals, educators, researchers, consultants or marketing students who are seeking to add a professional certification to differentiate themselves in the competitive arena of social media marketing. Learners who crave flexibility and are self-motivated to complete the training.

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What’s covered in the SMS self-study bundle?

The primary goal of the SMS self-study bundle is to guide students through the six content domains covered on the SMS exam. Students are encouraged to utilize the textbook and to explore topics they are less familiar with in greater detail on their own.

The core learning objectives for each of the six content domains include but are not limited to:

Strategic Planning

  • Analyzing organizations, markets, and competitors through Segment, Target, and Positioning (STP) analysis

  • Creating and monitoring social media goals, including Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Research and Analysis

  • Measure the impact of social media activity.

  • Determine value and report social media activities.

Project Management

  • Auditing individual social media platforms as well as organizations’ comprehensive digital presence.

  • Managing culture to facilitate social media adoption.

Marketing and Communications

  • Developing a social media marketing plan

  • Creating social media content

  • Utilizing social media advertising and contests

Community Management

  • Engaging with the social media community

  • Managing real-time, online communications

  • Planning social media campaigns

Compliance and Governance

  • Addressing legal, licensing, privacy, and defamation risk

  • Creating a social media policy


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