10 Tips to Optimize Your Google Ads Campaign in the First Month

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   Nowadays, with the market overloaded with a myriad of products and services, it is becoming harder to create efficient promoting campaigns. We are talking about the campaigns that manage to get the potential customers’ attention and make your product more highlighted and defined compared to all of the similar products on the market. 

   Of course, we all know about numerous cases of successful advertising campaigns on social media. Yet, there is one significant disadvantage to them. As a business marketing platform, social media will not work equally as effective for all the products and services one could expect. We should never forget about taking the features of the products you are willing to promote and bringing them to your target audience.

Make sure you are using all the possible tools when you are time-pressured

Since today we are discussing the ways of managing a successful advertising campaign, it is needless to state the necessary time frames. Firstly, a consistent advertising campaign must be thoroughly planned in advance, and last at least three months. It is crucial to ensure that we use all the possible tools to optimize your advertising campaign in the first month, yet it is also important to stay reasonable at all times. 

   As we have already mentioned, it is always important to remember the target audience. However, may this not limit your ambitions. There is always a chance to attract new clients you were not targeting. For this reason, use all the available platforms for your campaign, including:

  • Paid promotion on the top social media accounts. Try to partner with bloggers, influencers, or just the most popular accounts with big audiences. It is now said to be one of the most powerful advertising tools in digital marketing.
  • Working on your product`s own social media accounts, where you would share some information about it. Besides, if you decide to partner with other accounts to promote your product, they would require something to refer to (website, social media accounts, etc.).
  • Use the backlinks system. Backlinks constitute two or more websites mutually advertising one another. So when you get a backlink, it means that some other website has mentioned yours in its content. As a result, your website`s rating is rising and may even become one of the top 5 search results. By the way, backlinks can easily be bought these days, yet their quality does matter, so if you’re not a specialist yourself, leave it to someone who is. For example, you can find some cheap backlink service like LinksManagement.
  • Last, but not least. Do not forget about heavy artillery. Employ a tool that is working under various circumstances, and everyone knows about. Of course, here we could not be talking about anything else but Google – Google Ads to be more specific. 

Making things right with Google Ads

 Google Ads is going to be the central tool in your promoting campaign; it is vital to use it to its full potential. Now, how do we achieve this?

  1. The most important thing Google may help you with is putting your website on the top list of search results. For Google to be able to do this, all the content you create on your products has to be SEO-optimized. Make sure that you carefully choose all the keywords, headings, anchors, etc. The copy has to be unique enough to avoid falling under restrictions. Keep in mind that “spam” texts do not get to the top of the search results, only to the bottom. 
  2. Don’t forget about paid advertising with Google Ads. This is a trustworthy tool that will not let you down. Of course, this is going to cost you, but the results are absolutely worth your time and other investments. However, the option of paid advertising with Google Ads will not work its magic on low-quality content. It can only be effective when the content you are promoting is fully optimized and is answering all the Google requirements. 
  3. Moreover, the more optimized your text is, the less money you will pay in the future for advertising because the optimized content will get your audience almost instantly. 
  4. Make sure to add visuals. This may sound irrelevant; however, high-quality, appropriate visuals will really make your content stand out. Most importantly, they have to be relevant and add value to the copy. We cannot stress this piece of advice enough since good visual content will also direct users to your resource through the “images” section. 
  5. Take care of the geolocation settings. Just as some users could discover your product via “Google Images”, others may do it with “Google Maps.” For example, someone is searching for the restaurants in your area and, by chance, they see your business’s location. They may click on it to see some more information about your product, get interested, and order from you out of curiosity. Of course, we described this mechanism rather primitively, but we hope that you get the idea.
  6. Another vital thing to remember is that Google Ads is working by offering your content based on the users` search requests. For this reason, it is highly advisable to create multi-media content. 
  7. Looking up to the previous tip, let us repeat once more that you have to distribute content on all the platforms you might think of. However, make sure you don’t go off limits working with the platforms and post on something that your target audience would never use. For example, the advertising content on advanced business training is redundant and will not get you any profit when published on TikTok. 
  8. What are the best platforms for advertising content distribution? It would be great to build a website, yet you might not have the time nor budget for this. We suggest making your product’s Facebook page the content “center” of your campaign. Instagram — for some media content and collaborations. Pinterest — to connect your product to the context you want. 
  9. Of course, you must not forget to post the new updates all the time, and use all the available formats for them, starting with texts and photos to the live streamings and “stories”.  
  10. Choose your hashtags wisely. Properly tagging your content is key to getting the desired exposure. To figure the right hashtags, you have to first decide within what context you want your campaign to be running. 

Don’t forget how selective Google is

Last but not least. Before starting any promotion campaign, especially if you plan to use the services of Google Ads, make sure that your product is worthy of public attention. Today, because of the massive overload on the market, most advertising platforms are becoming more and more selective in terms of the products you want them to promote. Since Google Ads is on the top of this list, they may put your product under the microscope before considering signing a deal with you.


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