Social Listening Course


Learn the purpose of social listening, ideas for getting started, how to use measurement and evaluation, using social listening for community management, and tips for implementing a social listening process within your current social media strategy.

28 lessons

2 hours of video content

Takes 4-5 hours to complete

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In this fully online, self-directed course you will learn everything you need to get started with your social listening strategy.

You will start with an introduction to social listening and then move into how to listen for social purchasing signals and identify when customers need product support.

From there you will explore the world of listing for community-building purposes and learn to build your customer relationship management strategy.

We will discuss how to identify competitive insights and look for innovation and talent recruitment.


If you are new to social listening or want to up your game, this is a great short course to get you started.

Other students are saying great things about this course!
“This is an excellent, clear, and detailed overview of social listening. It’s a valuable course for those who are starting out with social listening or wish to expand on their current strategy in this area. The instructor provides great examples and case studies, along with supplemental resources and materials to continue learning after the course is finished. I had some actionable takeaways that I could implement by the end of this course”. ~ Marianne

“This course course delivers an easily consumable understanding of social media listening. It is packed with relatable real-life examples, as well as an extensive list of resources. I learned plenty from investing my time in taking this course, and would highly recommend it to anyone just beginning, or that is new to the topic of social listening altogether. The instructor, Dr. Margaret Stewart delivered a smooth and clear explanation of the topic in a way; that was clear to understand. It is very evident she is an expert in this topic”. ~ Joe


*Worth 3 CEUs to those previously certified through NISM or OMCP


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