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Why get social media certification training for your team?

Add Value

There is a reason why we use certified professionals – we are more confident in their ability to get the job done. The same is true with social media. Prospective customers want to see that your team has credentials, and may pay more if you do.


Training Flexibility

By completing our application form you will be contacted directly by a NISM representative to customize a training solution that is unique to your workforce, timeline, or industry-related situation.


Highest Quality

We help you understand the content of our certification exam, which has been rigorously developed by subject matter experts. All of our participants are prepared to navigate common industry challenges, and create a return on their investment.


Fully-Certified Team

Organization’s with fully certified teams will be provided with certified badges and certificates to showcase to clients and customers. In addition, NISM will provide your team with a case study, and a mention in our monthly email newsletter.


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