Dr. Michelle Post

Dr. Michelle Post is a driven, passionate, and experienced leader, teacher, social media strategist, connector, and national and international speaker. Her desire to connect and inspire throughout more than three decades of career translates into her ongoing effort to help the development of ideas, people, content, and learning.

Dr. Post is Founder / CEO of The Post Institute: Center for Life-Long Learning. She offers coaching, consulting, teaching, training, and speaking on subjects, as diverse as social media, leadership, generations in the workplace, and technology in education.

Dr. Post has appeared on Colorado’s Best Morning Show and has presented at the Autonomous Learning World Caucus at Wolfson College, University of Oxford, England. Dr. Post is also a Fellows of the Beta Phi Scholarly Society at Exeter College, University of Oxford, England. Dr. Post is the author of six books and the contributor to four more. For more than 10-years, Dr. Post has written a faith-based, inspirational blog.